JKS Partners With Charity to Fight Breast Cancer

JKS Partners With Charity to Fight Breast Cancer

JKS Group announces new partnership with breast cancer charity as this years preferred charity

Already a familiar sight on the roads of Essex and London, JKS Group have taken delivery of the newest member of their fleet. The pink livery on their new Scania Tipper immediately sets it apart from anything else on the road and will be sure to make heads turn.

Driven by Sarah, one of JKS’s most experienced drivers who recently lost her grandmother to breast cancer, the decision was taken to support her in her bid to raise funds for Against Breast Cancer by the Managing Director, Cancer who suggested the colour scheme.

Managing Director, Jeremy Suttling said “our new pink tipper joins our fleet of 50 vehicles and demonstrates our commitment, not just to providing the best service to our customers, but also to acknowledge our corporate social responsibility which was one of the key reasons behind our decision to create it.

“We thought that a tipper was such a great advertisement, bearing in mind the number of miles it covers each year on the local road network and for such a worthwhile cause. “We gave support to a member of staff who lost someone very special to her.”

Corporate Partnerships Manager for Against Breast Cancer, Kelly Gibson said “We’re delighted to have the support of JKS Group, together we want ‘to get the job done’ and create a future free from breast cancer.”

The pink tipper, known as Nanny G, will be appearing at community events throughout Essex this summer and visitors will be encouraged to contribute to Sarah’s fundraising for Against Breast Cancer.

As members of the CLOCS campaign to protect vulnerable road users, the low emission Scania Tipper is fitted with the latest road safety systems including cameras and audio warnings improve the driver’s ability to see and be seen and by pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists even on the busiest of streets.

Against Breast Cancer

Against Breast Cancer is a charity dedicated to funding ground-breaking research to increase survival after a breast cancer diagnosis by focusing on secondary spread, the main cause of breast-cancer related deaths.

It funds research that addresses critical gaps in scientific resources and knowledge to help doctors diagnose and treat secondary breast cancer faster and more effectively, and to understand factors that may increase or reduce the risk of secondary spread so that people can make informed diet and lifestyle choices.

It has directly funded the collection and storage of over 23,000 blood and urine samples, provided annually by over 3,000 women with breast cancer from 56 hospitals across the UK in the DietCompLyf Study, the largest national study of its kind.

Researchers can determine differences between women who develop secondary breast cancer and those who do not by studying this collection of biological samples and dietary and lifestyle information provided at the same time.

For more information visit www.againstbreastcancer.org.uk

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