Free invoice reminder service for the trades

Free invoice reminder service for the trades

Cashflow is crucial to sole traders and small businesses at the best of times. Now, more than ever, it could be make or break. But for many tradespeople, unpaid invoices may be mounting. So how can you get your debts paid?

An email chase service has been launched by Direct Route Collections. It’s free to use with no hidden catches. The aim is to help you retain your customers and boost cashflow. The entire process is automated, taking just minutes to complete.

There is a one off £1 registration fee – which goes straight to the NHS frontline appeal. You can then place as many debts as you like at any time – a few or dozens, from £100 with no upward limit.

Michael Collins, Managing Director of Direct Route Collections, said: “The first 600 hundred email chases have seen 90% of the businesses using this service receiving positive responses of immediate payments, payment promises and instalment plan offers – from genuine customers that perhaps for the first time ever find themselves with an unforeseen cashflow difficulty that has been forced upon them.”

This short video explains how it works and why it is so effective…

Debts can be placed immediately at: If you would rather talk to a member of the team, email or call 01274 223190

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