FMB welcomes 16th Housing Minister since 2010

FMB welcomes 16th Housing Minister since 2010

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The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) welcomes the reappointment of Lee Rowley MP as the 16th Housing Minister since 2010. 

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB: “The reappointment of Lee Rowley MP as the new Housing Minister means he should be able to hit the ground running to tackle the growing housing crisis. With housing output set to be at an all-time low the new Minister will need to focus on the barriers stopping new homes from being built. Rowley needs to build on the work of his predecessor Rachel Maclean MP who was a strong advocate for SME house builders.”

Berry continued: “Local housebuilders offer a way forward to help increase the country’s housing supply, but to do so effectively means tackling the failing planning system which is under resourced and fails to allocate sufficient small sites for local housebuilders to build on. Critically, housing should be one of the top five policy issues for the Government because without addressing the chronic undersupply of housing the country’s economic growth will be undermined.”

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