Daikin launch £250 Installer Incentive scheme

Daikin launch £250 Installer Incentive scheme

Daikin is launching its national Installer Incentive scheme, rewarding MSC certified installers with £250 each time they fit a Daikin air source heat pump in England, Scotland or Wales.

The scheme is directly linked to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) and the Home Energy Scotland Scheme (HESS). MCS certified contractors who install eligible products under either BUS or HESS will receive the £250 cash incentive. The eligible products are:  

England and Wales

  • Air Source Heat Pumps


  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid Boilers

Commenting on the offer Henk van den Berg, Daikin’s Head of Residential Business said: “The £250 incentive is yet another reason for already accredited heat pump installers to choose Daikin’s award-winning range of air source heat pumps for their customers, and the offer will be particularly attractive to gas installers who want to expand their business into renewables too. This will require additional investment and training to future proof their skills, so the £250 bonus per heat pump installation is another great reason to get ready for renewables.”

Running alongside the Installer Incentive scheme, Daikin’s new installer offer provides free local heat pump training in a Daikin Sustainable Home Centre and £100 off easy MCS accreditation. In addition to this, new installers will also benefit from 40% off the first heat pump unit purchased at a local centre and commissioning support for the first three air source heat pump installations they undertake.

The BUS is an initiative by the UK Government that was introduced in Spring 2022 to encourage homeowners in England and Wales to transition from gas or oil heating systems to low-carbon heating systems. The scheme provides a financial assistance of up to £5,000 to help cover the initial expenses of installing air source heat pumps. The HESS is a similar scheme in which people in Scotland can receive a grant from Home Energy Scotland for up to £7,500 plus an optional interest-free loan for the same amount for energy efficiency and zero emission heating improvements.

There has never been a better time to upskill and to futureproof your service offerings. Partnering with a trusted manufacturer like Daikin, offering valuable incentive schemes and free training courses, is a great move in this ever-changing industry.

For more information about Daikin, heat pump training, the Incentive Scheme and full terms and conditions, visit: https://www.daikin.co.uk/en_GB/installers/bus-incentive.html  

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