Brexit survival box for builders

Brexit survival box for builders

Meridian Building Plastics has created a Brexit survival box for builders, to promote peaceful discussion and working together.

The box contains builders’ essentials, to enjoy pre, during and after Brexit, including  tea, biscuits, tins of all-day breakfast, pot noodles, a massive bag of sugar, UHT milk, mugs, beanie hat, gaffer tape, phone power pack, pencil and pad, disposable underwear and loo roll.

The boxes are available from Meridian Building Plastics at £80 or 100 Euros, with a £25/ 25 Euro donation going to the Trussel Trust Foodbank charity.

The boxes have been created by Meridian because Brexit has been a hot topic at its trade counter, where builders
from all nationalities and all walks of life visit. The idea for the box came from a conversation about what preparations small building firms and tradespeople were making for Brexit, regardless of their political views.

Sharon Douglas, Financial Director of Meridian Building Plastics, said, “Our customers love the idea of the box- it sums them up. Britain’s builders are a resilient lot – if they can survive the cold weather, they can survive these turbulent times. However, they can’t go to work on an empty stomach or without having their tea break at 11! So, we have put together a few essentials that we think will go down a treat whether we leave the European Market or not. We hope to bring to attention the work of the small building company, that the industry uses workers from all over the world and raise some money for The Trussell Trust Food Bank Charity too.”

One of Meridan’s customers, Andrew Merton from Andy’s Gutters in Enfield, explained why he has bought a box: “Yes, these are uncertain times, but we are committed to keep building, regardless of the outcome. This kit contains everything my boys and girls need to raise their spirits and keep them going especially tea and biscuits. Drinking tea is a part of a builder’s culture. My message to my fellow builders is ‘Love thy fellow builder’ and whatever happens ‘Keep calm and drink tea’ and all will be ok.’’


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