blip launches profit-share small business insurance for tradespeople

blip launches profit-share small business insurance for tradespeople

‘blip’ Insurance launches today in the UK, offering affordable business insurance for tradespeople with a pioneering profit-sharing model. Covering all trades from plumbers, to builders, to electricians, floorers, and everything in between; when something goes wrong, it’s just a blip with blip Insurance. 

Built to support small business owners and their bottom lines, blip is returning as much as 10% of its total policy premiums back to its policy holders through a profit share model. blip members also join an online community of tradespeople providing an opportunity to share tips, tricks and jobs both regionally and nationally, allowing members to save money, get a share of profits and help their business grow.  

Covering everything a small business needs, including Public and Employers Liability, Personal Accident and Equipment coverage, blip policies are clear and easy to understand, keeping your business, your employees and your tools covered. 

For every new member that a policy holder successfully refers blip will reward them up to 5% of their premium or £50.  

Gary Ross, Founder and CEO blip says; “Being a small business owner in the UK is tougher than ever and tradespeople have been hit hard by the cost-of-living crisis, so blip is built to protect your business, employees and tools but importantly, your bottom line. Our digital-first platform reduces costs, which we can then return to policy holders through our profit-sharing model. We want to empower your business and help you grow.” 

“We’re returning to first principles where the losses of the few are covered by the premiums of the many, and transparency and sharing profits are integral. blip is revolutionising insurance for tradespeople, breaking the idea that insurance is just a need-to-have.” 

blip offers its members comprehensive business toolkits, helping tradespeople navigate business operations seamlessly. From templates to guidance, blip toolkits provide actionable steps so you can grow your business with confidence. blip Insurance lets its members dream big and worry small. 

For a detailed insight into blip’s offerings and coverage to business owners, visit 

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