Surf’s Up: Triton Tools Visits a Surfboard Builder

Surf’s Up: Triton Tools Visits a Surfboard Builder

Check out the Triton Tools that Patrick Burnett uses to build his hand-crafted surfboards

Meet Patrick Burnett from Kommetjie near Cape Town, South Africa. He has a love of the sea and surf, combined with a passion for working with wood – designing and hand-crafting stunning hollow wood surfboards. Triton Tools visited Patrick to find out more about his work and the drive behind his creative process.

‘What I’m trying to do here is make wood surfboards that are beautiful, that are fun to surf, that are long lasting, and that are environmentally responsible. I think what I love about making surfboards out of wood is that they are really really beautiful. Each and every board is completely different and individualised. and the other thing that I do here apart from making boards for customers is to run courses….’

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