Training that comes to the installer

Training that comes to the installer

Stelrad is taking training to the installer.

Everyone has to think carefully about how they use their time, and installers are no exception. A day in a training course is a day they’re not earning money and at leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad, there’s an understanding of this that has seen them introduce a different and highly acceptable way of providing training – by simply taking the training to the installer.

The successful Stelrad Academy has been undertaken more than 200 training visits around the UK so far this year, and is coming to a merchant near you soon. The academy is delivered by the Stelrad team of brand specialists and has been primarily targeted at builders’ merchant staff during 2019, to help them to provide the support required by their customers – the installers looking to purchase Stelrad radiators from their local branches.

The courses on offer help to inform and educate participants in relation to what to look for from their radiator selection and to understand how to install radiators. Attendees at the Stelrad Academy courses receive a certificate to recognise the time they have dedicated to learning more about radiators and their installation.

There is also a fully kitted out training van travelling around the country giving installers the opportunity to learn more about the Stelrad Vita series, which has transformed radiator buying in the UK, and to ask questions from the Stelrad brand specialist team about every aspect of selecting, sizing and fitting these popular radiators.

The training van also visits local merchants and these visits are co-ordinated by the local Stelrad brand specialist. You may see the training van parked in the car park outside the merchants, offering installers the chance to get up close and personal with the Stelrad Vita series range of radiators.

“We’re conscious that some installers and plumbers are persuaded by the lower quality products available to them online and via non-specialist outlets,” says Stelrad’s head of marketing, Chris Harvey, “but now, with the Vita Series you can have a market leading Stelrad branded radiator from a merchant branch near you. You can now choose the best in terms of quality and value.”

Training is just one benefit Stelrad offers purchasers of its radiators. It has also recently launched its Installer Loyalty Club: “We’ve been contemplating what else we might be able to do to show our gratitude to installers and the result is the new Stelrad Loyalty Club,” says Chris Harvey. He continues “It’s a simple concept – installers buy our products, they register as members of the Stelrad Loyalty Club, they upload their invoices for the products they have bought and in return they get 10 points for every £100 they spend. They can redeem their points for rewards in the rewards catalogue, choosing from branded clothing and similar items or they can save the points and exchange them for product if they prefer.

“We really hope installers will welcome this attempt to give something back to them. The rewards include things like fleece jackets, tee shirts and trousers, even hand towels to take on jobs with you – all things that will be helpful in day-to-day jobs across the country. Take a closer look at the website and see for yourself and sign up whilst you’re there!”

The Stelrad Vita series featured in the Training Van comprises the Vita Compact and Compact K3, the Vita Silhouette, Vita Deco, Vita Deco Concept, Vita Column and Vita Column Concept for those wanting a designer radiator look, the three Vita Concord options, the Vita Plan and Vita Plan Concept – a flat faced, smooth fronted design and finally, the Vita Ultra – with bespoke colour finishes available. There are also the Vita Compact Vertical, Vita Column Vertical, Vita Deco Vertical and Vita Plan Vertical for those looking for a stylish choice in a smaller space.vita series

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