#TradesTalk chats about creating a winning website

#TradesTalk chats about creating a winning website

We ran an article on the website last week about what tradespeople should include on their websites, and this was also the topic of this week’s #TradesTalk chat on Twitter – with expert guest Shake & Speare.

Here is our round-up of the best contributions of the night, starting with the first question that looked at the advantages for tradespeople of having an online presence.

The second question looked at what might be putting people off investing in a website for their business.

Then the conversation moved onto the value of looking at where your online traffic is coming from.


The next part of the chat looked at what types of content tradespeople should be including on their websites.

Not many #TradesTalk participants blog about their trade, but why it might be a good idea was discussed next.


The final question of the chat was about what tradespeople definitely SHOULDN’T do on their websites.

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