How the trades can find more work

How the trades can find more work

No matter how good you are at your job, there may be times when work is a bit thin on the ground and you need ways to expand your customer base.

This was the subject of last night’s #TradesTalk and, as always, there was loads of good advice for anyone who is looking to pick up more work.

Here is our round-up of the best bits, starting with the first question that looked at different ways to reach new customers.

The second question looked at the tricky subject of contacting previous customers – some felt that it was too ‘spammy’ but others found useful ways of maintaining contact.

Then the discussion looked at how your existing customers found you.

Marketing your business during busy times was the next item up for discussion.

Do you share pictures of your work online? It’s a great way to showcase what you can do.

The final question looked at whether special offers are worth considering when looking to attract new customers.

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