Top products to make tiling effortless

Top products to make tiling effortless

In the latest instalment of our Toolbox series with Makita, the team explore the products that help make tiling effortless.

Prepping surfaces

When prepping surfaces with plyboard sheets or backing boards, the DSS611Z 18V LXT Circular Saw makes quick work of cuts. This machine features a powerful 3,700rpm (no load speed) motor and has a maximum cutting capacity of 57mm. To prevent injury, the DSS611Z has a retractable guard with a calibration line for easy depth adjustment and a double safety trigger that prevents accidental start up. It also includes a removable dust nozzle that allows compatible dust extractors to be connected.

Alternatively, the DJV182Z 18V LXT Jigsaw can be used. This machine can deliver a no-load speed of up to 3,500spm (strokes per minute) and has stroke length of 26mm. Thanks to tool-less blade change, users can quickly and conveniently change the blade to suit different tasks – and the option of three orbital settings or straight cutting means this machine is highly versatile. It also features a blower function to keep the cutting line clean and visible.

To remove grout, Makita recommends the DTM52Z 18V LXT Multi-Tool. This machine features variable speed control so operators can quickly and easily adjust the speed to suit the application. Its 12 angle settings provide perfect blade position at any working angle and the tool is compatible with all Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max accessories so it is easy to find the right one for the job. What’s more, accessories can be quickly and easily changed thanks to the inclusion of Makita’s latest tool-less blade changing system. Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) also makes this machine more comfortable and safer to use, even over extended periods of time.


When it comes to removing tiles, the DHK180 is a must have. This 18V LXT Power Scraper delivers the high power you would expect from a corded machine but brings the safety and improved usability benefits of cordless. It has 12 settings to position the chisel at the required angle and variable speed control so operators can easily adjust the tool to suit the task. The anti-vibration housing and AVT ensure operators are protected and help to reduce fatigue.

To ensure precision, the SK105DZ 12VMax CXT Red Cross Line Laser is a must have tool. The LED light flashes to alert the user if it is out of level – and it offers two brightness modes to suit varying work conditions. The SK105DZ can be powered using Makita’s CXT or LXT batteries (LXT connection requires a DC jack to connect to the DECADP05 USB adaptor), making switching between tools and tasks effortless.


Cutting and securing tiles

The CC301DZ 12VMax CXT Tile Cutter has a high-power motor that rotates at 1,600rpm, making light work of precision cutting in tile and glass. This machine is also highly versatile and can make cuts from 0-45degrees. The CC301DZ features an easily refillable 500ml water tank that supplies water to the cutting wheel to reduce dust during operation for improved user safety – it also prolongs the life of the diamond wheel. Thanks to the manufacturer’s Compact eXtreme Technology, the CC301DZ is compact and lightweight, making it comfortable to use and easy to transport around site.

Alternatively, for cutting porcelain or thicker exterior tiles the DCC500Z 18V LXT 125mm Disc Cutter can be used. This powerful machine can produce bevel cuts up to 45degrees and is ideal for dry cutting with a diamond blade. It features Makita’s Autostart Wireless System (AWS) that enables the machine to wirelessly connect with compatible dust extractors via Bluetooth so that when the machine is in use, the extractor automatically runs for maximum protection against dust. It also includes a dust collecting port and dust cover. Thanks to Automatic Torque Drive Technology, the speed of the DCC500Z is automatically adjusted in line with the load conditions to ensure optimum operation.

When it comes to sealing or securing certain tiles, the DCG180Z 18V LXT Caulking Gun is an ideal companion. It can hold 300ml cartridges (or 600ml sausage packs) and has a 360degree rotating sealant holder. The DCG180Z has a no-load pushing speed of 0-29mm per second and features variable speed control so users can adjust the delivery of sealants to suit the task. It also has a compact and lightweight design that makes it comfortable to use over extended periods of time and means operators can cover large areas with ease. The anti-drip function prevents excess sealant from oozing out, minimising mess.

Drilling and fixing

For general drilling and fixing tasks, the DLX2145TJ two-piece combo kit is perfect, as it includes the DHP458Z 18V LXT Combi Drill and DTD152Z 18V LXT Impact Driver, housed in a Makpac connector case. The DHP458Z Combi Drill with side handle and depth stop, is extremely compact, making it ideal for use in tight and awkward spaces. It also features a handy battery fuel gauge so users can easily identify when the battery needs re-charging, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The DTD152Z Impact Driver is ideal for all fixing applications (from smaller screws to apply boarding through to larger fixings when installing studwork for framing), offering up to 3,500 impacts per minute. It is compact, lightweight and includes an ergonomic soft grip for ease of use and operator comfort. It is also been cleverly designed so that the battery is protected from damage due to over discharge, high temperature of overload current, ensuring optimum performance and battery longevity.

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Accessories to suit the above core range:

 D-72914 Grout Rake

The D-72914 Grout Rake is a useful tool for removing dirt and faded joins between tiles on floors and walls. It features a rubber anti-slip handle for maximum user stability, comfort and safety.

Multi Tool Accessories

Makita offers a wide range of accessories that can be used in conjunction with the DTM52Z Multi Tool to tackle a huge number of tasks, including removing adhesives and grout, sawing and cutting materials and sanding down rough edges. It also offers Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max accessories.

Diamond accessories

For cutting into porcelain, ceramic and thicker exterior tiles the DCC500Z should be used with a 115mm or 125mm diamond blade. These blades do not rip or tear the material, ensuring a clean and precise cut every time.

The P-66628 Mini Diamond Drill Kit with 6, 8 and 10mm bits can also be used with any high-powered drill to offer professional users a great solution for drilling in ceramic tiles. Their diamond coating and water feeder ensures excellent cutting quality and durability for a long life.

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