Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Van’s Security

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Van’s Security

Unfortunately van tool theft is rapidly on the rise in the UK and thieves are jumping at the chance to steal anything they can get their hands on. has compiled an informative list of van security tips which you can check out here.

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  1. 1.Keep it locked

    Probably one of the more obvious solutions but always lock your van. Even if you’re only popping into the shop for a few minutes it’s still enough time for thieves to make off with your property. Security locks are a great way to give your van extra protection.
  2. 2. Alarm system

    Alarms are a great and cost effective way to safeguard your van. Once an alarm triggers, the chance of someone hearing it are high if you’re in an urban area. This can ward off thieves and reduce the chance of your van being a target in the first place.
  3. 3. Parking at night

    Always try and park your van in a well-lit area and avoid secluded ones like public car parks and industrial estates. These tend to be quite poorly lit areas which are the perfect setting for thieves.
  4. 4. Day time parking

    Thieves operate 24/7. Your van is equally as vulnerable during the day as it is at night. If you’re parking at a store, for example, park close to the entrance rather than being tucked away out of sight.
  5. 5. Partition the cab area

    Fit a partition behind the passenger seats to add extra security. It’s great for preventing prying eyes seeing the contents of your van. It’s also a good safety measure, if you have to break suddenly it will stop anything you’re carrying being thrown to the front of the van.
  6. 6. Van branding

    Advertising your business is important but can also act as a beacon for thieves when it’s printed on your van. Some professions carry expensive tools and equipment in their vans, meaning the type of branding you have can act as an advertising poster for thieves, not just potential customers.
  7. 7. Satellite tracking

    Tracking your van may sound expensive but it’s becoming much more affordable for personal use. A device is discreetly fitted inside your van that transmits a signal which can be tracked. If your van were to be stolen, you’d have a much higher chance of getting it back faster and in one piece.
  8. 8. Internal security box

    Lock any expensive equipment in a secure storage box and bolt it to the floor of your van. This will make it harder for thieves to make a quick exit with your property.
  9. 9. External storage security

    Ladders are one of the most common items stolen from the roof of a van. Invest in some lockable clamps to secure and thief-proof your ladder. Copper coils are another common target, so invest in some pipe tube carriers that can be fixed to the roof for extra security.
  10. 10 Cash in transit

    If your business involves transporting money in your van you’re a golden target for thieves. Installing a vehicle cash safe is the best way to secure money and reduce the risk of theft.

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