Tibby Singh reviews Faithull’s new rechargeable LED clip light

Tibby Singh reviews Faithull’s new rechargeable LED clip light

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh sees the light with Faithfull.

Working on a building site has its challenges, especially at the earlier stages when lighting conditions can be poor. It’s imperative to have sufficient lighting, especially from a health and safety aspect. However, one of my pet hates is trailing leads, which can also become a trip hazard on a dark and gloomy job site.

A bright idea is to use cordless lighting, such as Faithfull’s new Rechargeable LED Clip Light. Given that it is a rechargeable LED light, the first thing I noticed was that it has no leads. However, my concern was how long it would last in action before it left me in the dark? Surprisingly, and thanks to three operating modes, its endurance is 3 – 10 hours of runtime. You can have the brightness at 100 per cent, then 50 per cent or 25 per cent, depending on your requirements. This 30-watt LED light has an output of 3,000 lumens, providing a daylight feel when it’s on full power – especially as its colour temperature is 6500K.

It is obviously rechargeable but, unexpectedly, the charging time is approximately 4 hours, which is longer than the runtime if used on maximum brightness. However, I was surprised to find it having a power bank USB port which enables you to charge personal items such as mobile phones, which is always a bonus these days.

Unlike other lights that come with a stand, this one has an incorporated heavy-duty clamp within its aluminium and plastic structure. This makes it versatile and allows you to clip it onto various surfaces. The mouth of the clamp opens to 73mm and bites with a clamping force of 180n. This means you know its not going anywhere once its in position. Hold on, it doesn’t stop there because it has swivel pads that can be adjusted to clamp onto square surfaces and concave indentations that allow it to be clamped onto round poles.

Once it’s in place – and to make sure the spotlight is always on you – a ball joint allows the light to be swivelled 360 degrees. There’s also the reassurance of an impact resistant lens and rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection.

This LED Clip Light is also available in a 240V or a 110V variant, which are slightly brighter at 4,000 lumens. It’s fair to say Faithfull have had some light bulb moments with some of the design features – for which I’m delighted.

For further information on Faithfull’s New Rechargeable LED Clip Light visit https://www.faithfulltools.com/p/FPPCLIP30R/LED-Clip-Light-30W-Rechargeable—3000Lm

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