The top power tools for plumbers according to Makita

The top power tools for plumbers according to Makita

For the next instalment of our series with Makita, we caught up with the team to find out what power tools plumbers should keep in their toolbox.

 A tool that plumbers simply cannot do without is the ‘8406’ 13mm Dry Diamond Core Percussion Drill. This powerful solution is ideal for making openings for pipework, fans and flus, and can effortlessly create clean-cut, smooth holes in tile, ferroconcrete, marble, brick and more when paired with the correct diamond core accessories. The 8406 can accept a large diamond core bit up to 150mm in diameter and thanks to the percussion action option it can also drill pilot holes to accept a guide rod and ensure that holes are cut cleanly and concentrically, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

The 8406 has been designed to withstand heavy-duty applications and site conditions, so professionals can rely on it to deliver the output needed to tackle any task. This machine delivers an impressive impact rate of 22,500 blows per minute and it has a maximum drilling capacity of 30mm in wood, 20mm in masonry and 13mm in steel.

To protect users during operation, the 8406 features a torque limiter and side handle to reduce the risk of injury if the core bit snags on the material being cut. The 8406 weighs just 3.7kg and it is a proven product for many contractors.

Plumbers can also benefit from keeping a cordless 3-function SDS+ Hammer Drill to hand, such as the DHR202. This machine can be used to quickly drill large holes in masonry and chisel into concrete when you need to chase out for pipework. It can drill up to 26mm in wood, 20mm in concrete and 13mm in steel. The DHR202 makes light work of any task thanks to a maximum no load speed of 1,100rpm and ability to deliver up to 4,000 blows per minute.

The DHR202 also benefits from Makita’s leading LXT lithium-ion battery technology. What’s more, cordless machines offer the increased freedom needed to easily complete tasks in tight, awkward spaces or at height.

For maximum versatility, the DHR202 has three operating modes: rotary only, hammer only and rotary hammer. When in hammer only mode, users can position the chisel to suit the task as it can rotate a full 360degrees (with 40 locking positions to choose from). To increase visibility when working in tight spaces, the DHR202 features an LED job light.

When drilling into materials like masonry and concrete it is vital that professionals ensure they are using the correct PPE and dust extraction. Within the Makita range there are machines such as the DHR242RTWJ and DHR243RTWJ 18V LXT SDS+ Rotary Hammers that have been designed with a built-in dust extraction box so dust is removed from the air during operation, preventing the user from breathing in the harmful particles.

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Your toolbox checklist:

  1. Diamond Core and Hammer Drill – ideal for creating clean-cut, smooth holes for pipework, fans and flus in a variety of masonry materials.
  2. SDS+ Hammer Drill – to quickly drill larger holes in masonry or chisel into concrete.
  3. 18V Inflator this can be used when pressurising heating/hot water systems – particularly useful when used with a pressure gauge as machines like the DMP180 can be set to switch off when a pre-set pressure is achieved.
  4. Circular saws – for studwork or plunge cutting floors, worktops etc.
  5. Angle drills – useful for drilling in tight areas, such as studwork and joists for pipework.
  6. Grinders – to cut a wide range of materials including metal pipework and tiles.

Accessories to suit the above core range:

Plumbers Holesaw Kit

Makita also supplies accessories directly suited to plumbing applications. For example, the D-47298 14piece Plumbers Holesaw Kit contains a selection of holesaws that can aid fast cutting – and the sizes have been carefully selected for the professional plumber. The bi-metal holesaw range has a vari-pitch tooth design for cutting steel, aluminium, copper, brass, wood and plastic.


SDS-PLUS drill bits
Makita has a wide selection of Diamond Drill accessories, SDS-PLUS drill bits and chisels and saw blades so professionals can always find the accessories needed for the task at hand. Incredibly durable, these Makita accessories ensure work is completed efficiently, reducing work time.

Dry Diamond Core Bit Set

As well as a wide range of diamond cores and blades, check out the 5-piece Dry Diamond Core Bit Set (P-74712), including 38mm, 52mm, 65mm, 117mm and 127mm diamond cores, a hex adaptor for standard drill chucks, an SDS-Plus Adaptor for Rotary Hammer Drills, a 10mm pilot drill and an extension bar.

M-Class Dust Extractor
Finally, when drilling or cutting masonry materials, and especially when completing tasks such as dry diamond core drilling, contractors should always use an M-Class Dust Extractor. M-Class extraction is the minimum legal requirement and essential to protect the contractor and others working within the area, and to minimise dirt and dust. Makita offers a range of M-Class extractors from 22-litre up to 42-litre to protect the operator and to ensure the site is clean and tidy once the job is complete.

Ultimate Open Tool Tote
Another must-have accessory for plumbing and heating professionals is the E-05430 Ultimate Open Tool Tote that can hold over 30 tools safely and securely. This handy carrier is perfect for organising a range of tools thanks to its open design – and it includes internal and external pockets for smaller items and paperwork. The square shape offers extra stability and the ergonomically shaped steel handle with foam anti-slip webbing means users can easily transport tools to and from site.


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