The tools for the trade

The tools for the trade

Professional Builder sat down with Chris Proffit, business sector manager – construction & decoration at Mirka, to discuss how tooling has evolved in the sector, where the market is heading, and how the manufacturer continues to add innovative tools to its product portfolio.

The construction and decorating sectors are in a constant state of evolution, driven by design trends and the needs of the customer. Each job has its own unique challenges, so it is important that workers have access to the right tools for the job at hand. One company that is equipped to address these requirements is Mirka.

Tooling evolution

“From a tooling perspective, the market has changed in two ways over the last 10 years,” explains Chris Proffit. “The first is the move to cordless tools, which are an asset to users because they are easy to move from job to job. To meet this demand, Mirka has introduced a select range of cordless tools that have been well received as they provide a high-quality finish, which users have come to expect from the brand. To complement the cordless tools available, Mirka is constantly looking to innovate. An example of this is the aim to solve the issue of a cordless dust-free solution with a product which meets Mirka’s high standards, that in the future would replace the dust bags that are currently used.

“The second is as jobs get bigger, users are looking for a tool that can handle both walls and ceilings. To meet this demand, we introduced the LEROS in 2018 and LEROS-S in 2021. These tools have been designed and developed to handle these jobs efficiently and effectively, while also offering users an ergonomic working position that delivers less strain on the operator’s body and back. In addition, both tools have a lightweight design that ensures the operator can sand for longer periods without fatigue, which leads to increased productivity.”

Designing and developing tools

“When it comes to the development of tools, Mirka is always working with the market to create the best products for the job rather than looking at what other manufacturers are producing. The way this is achieved is through constant dialogue with its representatives on the ground and its customers. This communication is a vital pipeline of information for the business when it comes to developing tools. The reason is pretty simple; it provides insights into the challenges users are facing and the opportunities available within the sector. This information is then circulated to the R&D team, who use it to design innovative and versatile products that provide a dust-free work environment, meet the requirements of users, and assist in increasing productivity that, in turn, helps the business or user to maximise profitability.”

Where the market is heading

“We are seeing users within the construction and decorating sector adding spray plastering to the list of options they can offer customers. This means they are in control of the job, but it also enables them to manage the end product, and Mirka’s tools ensure the finish is of the highest quality before they go onto paint it.

“Overall, the market will continue to evolve and we will go stride for stride with it, providing customers with innovative tools that are suitable for multiple applications, and ensuring they are an asset to the business in the short, medium and long term.”

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