The rise of the eco-friendly tradesperson

The rise of the eco-friendly tradesperson

Registration of commercial electric vehicles grew by 21% in January 2022

57% of UK homeowners want to be more eco-friendly

 73% of the UK population worry about the energy performance of their home

‪As we move into a more eco-friendly society, tradespeople have had to adapt their services to meet the changing needs of consumers who are wanting to be more sustainable.

‪Recent research carried out by UltraLEDs found that 57% of UK homeowners want to be more eco-friendly. This has led to tradespeople adapting their services to meet their customers’ needs.

‪It also revealed that more than four in five (80%) tradespeople agreed they could recycle more of their work waste, but don’t due to their lack of knowledge around rules and regulations.

‪In addition, 28% of traders say they would like more support from local authorities and 24% say they are actively trying new ways to reduce waste. Furthermore, one in five (20%) try to reuse any materials leftover from jobs, and 16% donate spare parts to charity.

‪The energy crisis has also made 73% of Brits worry about the energy performance of their home. This has led to more making the switch to LED lights and more tradespeople being called out for jobs to fit LEDs.

From 2030, the government plans to ban all new sales of conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans. This shift has also led to more customers wanting electric vehicles to avoid increasing fuel prices and a 28% increase in jobs for electricians to fit charging points.

‪However, the research revealed that 35% of tradespeople found it difficult to move to electric vehicles due to the cost and lack of charging points. Despite this, the registration of commercial electric vehicles in the UK grew by 21% in January, as more tradespeople look to adapt to customers’ needs.

‪This increase reflects the growing interest in the zero-emission van within the trade spaces too. As online searches have also grown 50% year on year.

The recently launched Ultralec, which will provide electric vehicle charging boxes for professional installers and tradespeople across the UK, aims to make the transition much easier too by installing more charge points.

‪Theresearch has also shown which five industries are the most sustainable:

  1. ‪‪Architecture & Construction
  2. Consumer Packaged Goods
  3. Energy, Process and Utility
  4. Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and medical services
  5. Transportation and Mobility

Discussing the results, Matthew Shaw, Head of Sales at Ultr LEDs said: “These insights are a confirmation of the direction and shift from consumers and professionals into a more sustainable way of living. Tradespeople have found it difficult to go green as quickly as they may like due to costs, availability of materials and having to use their own vehicles to get to jobs. However it’s clear that there’s a real willingness to be as eco-friendly as possible.

These numbers point to a clear opportunity to start looking at more sustainable practices and ways to be greener on the job. Contributing to a greener future is one of our top priorities, meeting the needs of tradespeople and consumers alike in their pursuit of a more eco-friendly living through great products.”

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