The mental health of construction workers

The mental health of construction workers

In partnership with the IES and funded by a research grant from B&CE, we published the full report of our findings looking at the mental health of self-employed construction workers and those working in small firms. The report revealed intense workloads, financial problems, poor work-life balance and pressures on the supply of materials are combining to significantly raise stress and anxiety levels. An important discovery especially in light of Men’s Health Week this week.

Overall, almost a third of our respondents had a GAD7 anxiety score which signifies ‘severe’ anxiety, with a further third in the ‘moderate’ anxiety category and the remainder in the ‘mild’ anxiety group.

Almost half of our respondents reported that they found ‘talking about my mental health extremely difficult’ and almost 70 per cent agreed that ‘that there is a stigma about mental health which stops people from talking about it’.

There are five areas which respondents reported were contributing relatively frequently to feelings of stress, anxiety or low mood. These were:

  • I worry that my workload is too high (42% experiencing this frequently);
  • I feel low because of my business partners/colleagues (37%);
  • I feel low because of pressure at work (35%);
  • I feel anxious about family or relationship problems (33%); and
  • I feel stressed by financial problems or debt (32%).


The research consisted of a rapid evidence review, a survey of 300+ workers, qualitative interviews & analysis & recommendations. Mates in Mind will be growing its bursary fund to provide pro bono support to be able to help SMEs and sole traders in their path to creating supportive and proactive workplaces, where mental health is openly discussed and not feared. Its aim is to ensure workplaces are an arena where conversations are entered into out of care and concern and where a positive environment is embraced by all, regardless of their position or employment status.


To read the full report and findings, click here:

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