The Easy Air Wedge

The Easy Air Wedge

When it comes to giving builders a much-needed lift, the Easy Air Wedge has got it in the bag

Builders are certainly no strangers to tight corners and are frequently asked to ply their trade in locations that would require as many appendages as an octopus and the flexibility of Mr Tickle. Now, when you’re crying out for that extra pair of hands, you can instead reach for the Easy Air Wedge. This multi-purpose device can be used for anything from hanging doors, to fitting door frames, or installing windows, and the secret to its deceptively simple success is some clever and patented technology hidden inside.

Its CorePlate construction ensures that the wedge remains rigid and does not buckle when it is pushed into even the smallest of gaps, whilst providing perfect and dependable support for almost any job that requires lifting and levelling with precision.

The fully tested and certified product is made from durable Tarpaulin TPU material, which makes it suitable for a host of applications both indoors and out. The effortlessly adjustable bulb pump can inflate the bag with just two fingers and there’s a release valve for equally precise deflating. Not only that but the amount of weight that can be lifted is an impressive and independently tested 140kg.

Simply insert the wedge into a narrow gap and, when inflated, it will lift a unit into position. To adjust and find the right height with accuracy it’s then just a matter of using the aforementioned bulb pump and release valve to inflate or deflate accordingly until the required mark is met. Once the window – or whatever other workpiece you’re installing – is fixed you can then remove the Easy Air Wedge before completely securing the unit. The device will accommodate joint widths from 2mm up to 70mm and makes many installations a genuine one-man job.

With build budgets and profit margins tightening an extra pair of hands on a job may well be a luxury that many tradespeople can’t afford, whereas these bags are sold individually and are competitively priced. If you’re a chippie that’s currently resorting to wedging door liners with packers – or even using crowbars or chisels – the Easy Air Wedge is a solution that will be much kinder to potentially sensitive surfaces.

Indeed, it’s the kind of multi-purpose tool that any builder can carry almost unnoticeably in their toolbox, or keep on the back of the van, and could just as easily be employed to move and position white goods, cabinets, office furniture, and much more.

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