Summer of SureCav

Summer of SureCav

Cavity wall systems brand announces record-breaking summer of sales

Today, SureCav, the leading brand of sustainable cavity wall backing membrane, announces its most successful summer for sales and leads since its launch.

Although the COVID-19 shutdown resulted in a dip in enquiries in April, as the industry reopened in May, SureCav witnessed a significant uptick in enquiries. The brand has registered its best ever June sales (up 10% from 2019) and July as its best month ever. August maintained par with last year, even against the backdrop of ongoing Coronavirus disruption.

These figures come as the UK construction and housebuilding industry embarks on its long road to recovery. Architects, specifiers, developers and builders alike are exploring approaches, materials and systems to make the journey as short and as smooth as possible.

As Charlie Ayers, SureCav Founder and MD, says, “These results come as a welcome surprise, especially as many felt uneasy about how business would look in the second half of 2020. However, sales figures over the last three months paint a different picture of the industry’s resilience.

“Against the current circumstances, I think we have done well because the temporary shutdown of the sector encouraged built environment professionals to take a step back, revaluate and reflect on working practices. Particularly, time away from site and office allowed them to review the building products they use, assess their value and consider alternatives, especially those which save both time and money. Margins are going to be tighter than ever over the next few years, so there is an appetite for high-spec productions which offer top performance at the best value.”

A sustainable future

An increasing drive towards more sustainable construction should not be overlooked when considering these results. As the industry aims to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050, material choices will play a significant part in meeting this goal.

Traditional products such as concrete and single-use plastics are rapidly falling out of favour due to their substantial carbon footprints, and specifiers are looking for greener solutions.

With circular design and manufacturing fast becoming the norm rather than the exception, SureCav panels, produced from 100% recycled polypropylene, are perfectly positioned to respond to this change in attitude and approach to building methods.

As Charlie continues, “So far we have phased out over 80,000 tonnes of concrete from the sector and have recycled over 1000 tonnes of waste plastic into a useful, cost-effective and low impact component. Lasting the lifetime of the property in which it’s specified, it can be recycled once again at end of life. Fundamentally, it’s a win for the developer, the homeowner and the environment.“

Paying it forward

2020 has seen SureCav significantly invest in the brand, positioning it to grow in new and emerging markets both at home and abroad.

Chief amongst these moves was the launch of a new, user-intuitive website and to publish an updated specification on NBS’s powerful new platform, NBS Source.

Commenting on Surecav’s adoption of NBS Source Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions, NBS says, “Specifiers want to make better and more informed choices, and by having Surecav listed on Source, this will make specifiers lives easier. They will be able to make better decisions based on accurate manufacturer data and being able to directly compare products. Manufacturers can really benefit from being seen at the initial specification project phase.”

He adds, “The full power of digital can only be unlocked through collaboration and construction products manufacturers such as Surecav can now be more closely involved from the start of projects.”

SureCav also responded strategically to the COVID-19 shutdown. As soon as it was announced, the team mitigated any potential disruption, ensuring plenty of surplus stock was available for spontaneous call-offs. Constant liaison with its distribution partner and clients meant the brand was able to guarantee orders were promptly shipped as the sector reopened.

As Charlie concludes, “So far 2020 has been an unusual, unpredictable but exciting year for the business. These positive results vindicate our decision to review and revamp everything from the manufacturing process through to our sales and marketing output. Forecasts for Q.3 and Q.4 are cautiously optimistic and we look forward to seeing SureCav grow in 2021 and beyond.”

To find out more about SureCav’s range of cavity wall solutions and systems click here.

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