Step-by-step: Rocket pocket door installation

Step-by-step: Rocket pocket door installation

Professional Builder guides you through a Rocket Pocket Door installation.

Fitting a Rocket pocket door system is quite simple with no special tools required. In line with most pocket door systems Rocket comes in a kit form requiring some assembly. This does however mean the kit can easily can be carried to the point of installation even when it is a small or difficult to get to place.

Thankfully assembly is a simple affair with nothing more then a screwdriver and a pair of trestles needed Take a look at these easy steps to a perfect pocket door.

Step 1

Choose the correct floor guides to suit your door panel – either 35 or 44mm – and attach them to the bottom of the verticals. Using the simple jig, line up the two pocket entrance verticals and join them with the bracket supplied.

Step 2
Place the rear vertical at the other end of the trestles and then join the pocket entrance verticals to the rear verticals using the six pocket horizontals creating the ‘pocket’. Put the Styrofoam spacers in between the horizontals and then screw the ‘U’ section to the bottom of the pocket.

Step 3

Now attach the pocket to the track using the screws provided and pre-drilled holes. Attach the plasterboard support brackets to the track. Your Rocket Pocket kit is now fully assembled!

Step 4


Now to install the kit, which is simplicity itself. Install on finished floor level, offer the frame up to the prepared studwork. Ensuring it is plumb and square, screw through the plasterboard support brackets into the stud at the top and through the pre-drilled hole at the rear of the pocket.

Step 5

Offer up the plasterboard to the pocket and mark the positioning of the horizontals. Pilot drill 2mm holes through the plasterboard and the horizontals and attach to plasterboard using the 19mm plasterboard screws provided. DO NOT USE LONGER SCREWS – THEY MAY SCRATCH YOUR DOOR.

Step 6

Take the mounting bolts and assemble with lock nuts to the rollers and slide the rollers into the track.

Step 7

Fix the door brackets to the top of the door 120mm from the door edge to the centre of bracket. Then attach the rear bumper to the back of the door.

Step 8

Starting with the rear runner, insert the head of the bolt into the door bracket on top of the door. Then slide the door slightly into the pocket and then insert the second runner bolt into the second door bracket. Adjust the bolt up and down until the door is level and runs smoothly. Tighten the lock nut firmly.

Believe it or not that is all there is to it. Your Rocket pocket kit is now assembled and installed, and all that remains is for you to choose your personal preference for architrave and linings.









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