Speed up the ordering process for windows and doors

Speed up the ordering process for windows and doors

Quickslide’s Ade explains the do’s and don’ts that will get you your windows and doors quicker – and right first time!

Can you believe it? After the astonishing early spring drama of a nationwide lockdown, demand for all building work including home extensions and renovations has gone through the roof – and still it continues! And every one of your suppliers is under pressure to come up with the goods to make sure you can deliver for your customers on time and move on to the next.

So I thought that perhaps it’s a good time to take a look at ways in which you can speed up the ordering process for windows and doors to avoid any delays that just add more pressure to an already stretched schedule.

And the best place to find out what can make all the difference must be the people that take and make the orders when they come into the firm. Jovi, who has been with us for four years and has handled an estimated 7,000 orders says: “99 per cent of the time our customers get it right, but we are there to talk it through with them anyway. That’s the point really of the service that we offer – it’s all personal to ensure that what is ordered is what the customer really wants. But just now and again something slips through that could have been avoided – even customers that have been ordering from us for years, make the odd mistake.”

Jovita Doftartaite

So, says Jovi…Do:

  • Provide us with exact frame sizes – a lot of people think that we allow for fitting tolerance as standard – we don’t.
  • Give us the full spec for the windows and doors required. If the project is a new build, please advise which Building Regs the doors and windows need to comply with. You will get what you ask for. We rely and quote based on information we are given.
  • Send your enquiry in writing. We do not take enquiries or quote over the phone.
  • Thoroughly check your quotation before confirming the order.
  • Always read emails we send. They might contain crucial notes and other important information.
  • And ask us if you are unsure. We love to engage with our customers and we enjoy it when we have helped.

And Don’t:

  • Make any assumptions. We do our best to spot obvious errors, but we are not mind readers.
  • Don’t make revisions over the telephone – as for the original enquiry we need these in writing.
  • Lead time is subject to production capacity and it can change at any time. Please ask on the day or wait until a delivery date is confirmed before advising your customer or booking an installation.
Adam Wray

And Adam, who has taken orders for around 50,000 frames during his 8 years with Quickslide, has some sound advice too:

  • Plan ahead – what happens when your windows and doors reach site? For example, bigger windows and doors can be difficult to move and install safely.
  • Low thresholds on doors – all though many people now ask for level thresholds and especially for bi-folding doors, they are not weather rated. Sinking the standard threshold down below the internal floor level is a much better solution and still doesn’t leave a big threshold to step over.
  • New builds need to comply with Part Q: be aware of potential security upgrades required

And a few pointers from me….

  • I know it sounds obvious but get someone who really knows how to measure and fit windows to carry out the survey. Surveying is a minefield and it’s not just a case of sticking a tape measure on the windows – you really do need to know what you are doing.
  • Don’t get someone to measure your windows and then use their sizes.  Whoever measures it, should fit it or at least be responsible for it.
  • Make sure you know the regulations; toughened glass, trickle vents and so forth are all key issues covered by Building Regulations. We can help but only if we have a full understanding of where and why the windows and doors are being fitted.

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