Save time on site without compromising on quality

Save time on site without compromising on quality

Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy explains how choosing the right painting and decorating tools and accessories can save time on site without compromising on quality.

A common issue with low quality prep tools like multi-tools, scrapers and putty knives is their tendency to rust over time. If this occurs, it can compromise their effectiveness, increase the amount of time it takes to complete the job and affect the overall finish. However, opting for stainless steel models can help to avoid this. Stainless steel includes a high level of chromium and when chromium reacts with oxygen it forms protective layer that prevents corrosion and rust from occurring, keeping prep tools in top working condition for longer.

The build quality of prep tools is also something to keep in mind. Products with a short tang (the part of the blade that connects to the handle) are less durable and the blade can easily bend, become loose or even break apart from the handle completely. For maximum stability and strength, look for products with a long tang that runs the full length of the handle as this will allow you to put your full force into tasks like scraping, without worrying that the product might break.

Features like rubberised grips are also worth considering as they will make the product more comfortable to use, minimising fatigue.

Selecting the right bristles

If brush filaments aren’t up to standard, issues like visible brush marks and bristles falling out and becoming trapped in the paint can occur, ruining the finish. To improve efficiency and ensure a professional finish every time, look for brushes with a bolstered epoxy as this means that the filaments are locked in and are, therefore, less likely to fall out.

To improve productivity further, make sure that the brush filaments are right for the task. For example, when applying varnishes and stains, use brushes with thinner filaments as they can help to create a beautiful, mirror like finish.

Keep a handle on things

To minimise downtime it is important to choose a brush with a comfortable handle. For example, Alderwood handles are lightweight, durable and moisture wicking, which means they absorb sweat for a more comfortable and sturdier grip – even when used over extended periods.

Leading manufacturers will also produce brushes with different shaped handles to suit a variety of tasks. For example, short-handled brushes like the Purdy Cub are ideal for cutting in and painting in tight areas thanks to their short handle design that allows you to get closer to the substrate. Alternatively, for trim painting and intricate jobs that require a more delicate hand a brush with a long, thin, pen like handle like the Purdy Dale should be used.

It is also worthwhile keeping a wide selection of brushes close at hand as this will allow you to switch between tasks quickly and effortlessly.

Roll on efficiency

Rollers can cover larger areas faster, but only if the right, high-quality products are used. To keep you working disruption free for longer, look for roller frames that have plastic caps at either end as these work to reduce roller sleeve walk off. In addition, products with a fitment in the end of the handle will allow an extension pole to be fitted, so you can use the same roller across numerous tasks.

Accessorise your workday

There are a range of additional accessories available on the market that can make your workday run smoother. For example, the Purdy Pail can be used with optional pail liners to aid quick colour changes throughout the workday and ensure speedy clean up once work is completed. It also features multiple grip options for pouring, holding and carrying, a brush magnet to secure brushes on the side of the pail for easy access and an interior moulding to keep rollers out of the paint and prevent them from becoming saturated.

For transporting tools around site and keeping them secure in the van, consider products like the Purdy Backpack. Manufactured from a durable, weather resistant fabric, the Purdy Backpack has several dedicated compartments to house a variety of tools, as well as two compartments that open fully and lay flat for easy access to tools and brushes and a detachable pouch specifically for transporting wet brushes and rollers. Keeping everything in one handy backpack means tradespeople always have access to the tools they need, wherever they are on site.

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