Quinn Building Products rebrands as Mannok

Quinn Building Products rebrands as Mannok

Professional Builder reports on a new era for an industry stalwart, Quinn Building Products rebrands as Mannok.

PB. One of the big news stories in construction during the past few weeks has been the announcement that the long established, and highly respected, Quinn Building Products business has been rebranded as Mannok. What is the background to the original company – and the decision to rebrand?

A. The original business has been operating for almost 50 years now, having been founded in 1973, and has expanded from the initial quarry aggregates business to become one of the most diverse producers of building materials in the UK and Ireland. The product portfolio now includes a full PIR and EPS insulation range, bulk, and bagged cement products, aircrete blocks, concrete roof tiles, and a range of precast concrete elements.

The company was acquired in 2014 by the current owners and, since that time, has enjoyed a period of significant investment of around €60m and continuous development to expand the product ranges, enhance the service offerings and innovation to improve infrastructure, process efficiencies and sustainability credentials. This five-year development period has also seen employment increase by almost 200 people, and has positioned the company for further growth, particularly in the GB market, where we have had significant gains.

Now, the company is in its strongest position since acquisition, with a strong financial footing, and we’ve earned a solid reputation as a trusted supplier of quality building materials. The rebranding from Quinn to Mannok is a major milestone for us, but very much part of the strategic development plan to build a robust brand name which appeals to the wider industry and fits with the expansion plans for the long term.

PB. Why now, at such a challenging time?

A. Yes, it comes at a time when everybody in the industry faces unprecedented challenges in the form of Covid and Brexit, but we believe that continuing with our rebrand plans, even in this most challenging landscape, gives a very strong signal of our intention to our customers, to our 800 strong workforce, and to the wider construction industry, and that is a very firm commitment; a message that we are here for the long term and we are going to continue to advance, invest and innovate in the same progressive manner they have come to expect from us.

PB. What can customers expect?

A. For our customers, they can expect more of the same, so they’ll have access to the same products and be dealing with the same people, and I think it’s very important to reassure our customers that they can still rely on that. There will be administrative changes associated with the name change, but the processes around ordering stock, deliveries and customer support are not affected by the name change. As we move forward under the Mannok name, we will continue to enhance our processes to ensure the best customer experience. A key objective for us is to expand our product range, and this is a message which will appeal to our merchant customer base and, in turn, their customers.

The brand name changed to Mannok in November, so customers will have already seen a number of changes. Whilst the full rebrand will take up to 12 months to complete, our product packaging and promotional materials for merchant customers is a high priority, and they will see all of this changing very soon. We have revealed our new look cement bags, which will carry the distinctive Mannok colours, and these will be in production early in 2021, and the feedback has been very positive. Old, branded stock can be sold as normal as the new stock is phased in.

PB. What are the values of the new Mannok brand?

A. We have defined a clear direction for the company going forward under the new Mannok brand, and it is very much centred around people, our communities, and the environment.

Providing quality products and excellent customer service is the core of what we do, and it’s what we have built our reputation on and will continue to excel at. We have a trusted team of very talented people working with our customers and suppliers across the UK and Ireland to ensure the very best for our customers, from our sales teams, to despatch and delivery, our installation crews and administrative teams, backed by our innovative product developers and designers, and expert technical support.

These people are the very backbone of our business, and we have a responsibility to them which we take incredibly seriously. We have built an organisation which will offer sustained and rewarding employment far into the future, nurturing talent and offering our people opportunities to develop their skills and progress their careers to reach their goals. Sustainability is a core priority for us, and we will continue to grow our business through continuous product and process enhancements, and the development of innovative, industry leading solutions, to ensure everything we do is done in the most environmentally responsible way.

For further information on Mannok visit mannokbuild.com/

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