Quickslide: Why the little things count when choosing a supplier

Quickslide: Why the little things count when choosing a supplier

In this month’s Onsite with Ade series, Adrian Barraclough, Chairman of Quickslide explains that when choosing a supplier, it’s the little things that count

Just as is said about cars, these days there really should be no such thing as a bad window, with pretty much every PVC-U and aluminium frame being manufactured on some sort of CNC-controlled machine (less can be said of entrance doors but that is a discussion for another day). And with prices being ultra-competitive, what is the next area in which window and door manufacturers can edge ahead of the competition to win your business? 

Service! And not just how quickly the order department answers the phone, or how quickly your order turns up…. It is the natural order of things that when the playing field levels out on any aspect of service and performance then industry leaders move on and up the ante with something else. And whilst these little increments don’t seem that important in isolation, as the supermarket says, ‘every little helps’.  

So, what should you look out for from your current supplier now? These are just a few things that I believe make a real difference to the average installer’s day and even more so when they are added together…

Pre-gasketed bi-folds

These are a game changer. Fitting bi-folds correctly is a skill and must be done with patience to get it right. So, anything that can cut the time on sit, and therefore potential for breakage and delay, has to be welcome. Building bi-folds as completely as possible in the factory, including fitting gaskets, is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned. Flat packed bi folds might be cheaper at purchase, but after you consider the time and effort spent on site assembling them, it just isn’t worth a few percent off.  

Pre-glazed uPVC windows

The old argument that pre glazed windows risk damage in transit and handling just doesn’t wash anymore. And neither is it worth a tiny extra margin that might be made by buying the IGUs locally and bringing frame and glass together on site. Frame handling and transport is now a science and breakages should be at a tiny level. And no messing about with toe and heeling on site, even when you’ve got someone expert enough to do it well.  

Even large and heavy vertical sliding box sash windows can be comfortably handled and installed pre-glazed, as sashes can easily be removed and refitted once the frame has been installed.  

Touch up paint

Yes, really…around half of all frames manufactured and installed now, are coloured or foiled. So, if a small area of damage occurs on site, that doesn’t otherwise require a remake, the frame manufacturer should be able to supply some touch up paint quickly to enable a quick repair without any fuss or drama.  

Other little wrinkles that can save time and hassle are little things such as the driver calling ahead to confirm the actual delivery time when they are en route; and correct paperwork…how many times has admin been thrown by details being incorrect, especially such as test reports and accreditations – homeowners have never been so well informed and can be only too ready to jump all over the details. 

The devil is in the detail…you should be able to get great products and at competitive prices too from pretty much any window and door fabricator. But when added together, it’s the little things that can make life so much easier.  

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