Quickslide: Do windows and doors sell houses?

Quickslide: Do windows and doors sell houses?

Windows and doors are a key detail, and far more than simply a building element to let light in and keep the rain out. These days the window and door sector of the home improvement industry sells these products as furnishing and styling elements, with replacements for front doors and even windows encouraged as part of a home makeover. Where once the replacement of windows and doors was largely a stress purchase, the vast majority of existing British homes have had double glazing installed at some point, as many as an estimated 90 per cent of our housing stock.

The simple truth is that the replacement window and door industry is thriving, and especially so as we come back from lockdown. Homeowners are now presented with a huge choice of window and door styles, systems, colours, materials, hardware, security options; then add in garden doors, such as the huge choice of clever bi-folding doors, superb sliders and again, in a bewildering range of colours and systems and materials.

Do your research

Choose styles appropriate to the style of the home of course, crucial when building upmarket properties. But even mid to low end homes can have their kerb appeal dramatically improved through the inclusion of flush sash frames in gentle colours for example, maybe even differing from their neighbours…Coupled with colour matched front doors, what an impact these could have on an otherwise bland neighbourhood!

Performance is critical too, especially in a world that is increasingly aware of its environmental responsibilities. Building Regs haven’t been upgraded for years so why not go above and beyond and install windows that comfortably beat the standards – and promote the facts, even including Energy Efficiency ‘rainbow’ charts that are just the same as those available on fridges and washing machines.

And as a really effective selling point, offer a choice of windows and doors and especially garden doors and even conservatories, when selling off plan!

Here are a few tips:

  • If nothing else, get the front door right. Modern composite front doors look great, perform well in terms of security and weather performance and are available in a countless number of colours and finishes. Bold colours really lift any development, the more the merrier.
  • Architects love glass. And that is why huge windows and impressive entrances are key features on prestige buildings the world over. And even on a humble three bed detached, the effect pro rata can be just as dramatic. For example, taller and wider windows and doors with narrower frame sightlinesmaximise the glazing area to allow more light in and provide unobstructed views out – simple really.
  • Styles with sleek, modern details will subtly influence the overall ‘feel’ of the property
  • Garden doors, including bi-folds and sliders, are a real closer for new homes. They look great and the buyer figures that it’s one less thing they will need to install when they move in.
  • Use colour and shapes to distinguish homes from each other thus infusing even larger developments with individual character throughout.
  • Ali, PVCu or timber? There is very real choice these days with both aluminium and timber having made a comeback. But PVCu still generally offers great value for money and there are some superb styles and finishes around that look anything but plastic.
  • In the show homes, include literature and displays that promote the windows and doors, with colour swatches, brochures and even covering such details as security…buyers will love attention to detail such as anti-bump locks (go on, look it up – your buyers will have) for example. Again, tap up your window and door manufacturer for sales materials – they will be delighted to step up and support you.

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