Professional Builder’s YouTube review of the Festool TS 60 K

Professional Builder’s YouTube review of the Festool TS 60 K

Carpenter Richard from the Mr A Builders Youtube Channel recently took to the Professional Builder YouTube channel to review the Festool TS 60 K. Here’s what he thought:

Festool is a brand that already enjoys a loyal following and the manufacturer has been very busy with new power tool launches. One such example is the TS 60 K: a plunge-cut circular saw that is adept at undertaking a range of different functions.

We here at Professional Builder thought this seemed like the perfect tool for a video review, so got in touch with Richard, a professional carpenter who features on the Mr A Builders YouTube Channel.

We filmed a great review with him at a job he was working on, where he got to test out and demo the saw, which is now available to watch on our YouTube channel @ProBuilderMag.


Strong features

To start off, Richard gave himself (and us!) a quick “tour” of the TS 60 K and its features. One of the first things he pointed out was the handy green buttons on the saw. (Festool uses these for easy visibility for the main operating controls.) He liked that these prevented the awkward fumbling when you’re getting used to a new tool.

Next, Richard gave us a look at the depth gauge and fine adjustment, which lets you use just the right amount of blade, making cutting safer and preventing unwanted damage to surfaces underneath. Richard then explained the anti-kick stop feature, which stops the blade when it detects it has caught on a material or been plunged too quickly. This stops the saw from “kicking” back at the operator and causing damage.

Richard was impressed with the locking feature for the plunge movement too. Festool has incorporated this into the blade changing, removing the usual hassle and meaning it just uses an allen key.

No job too big

With an advertised 62mm of cutting depth, Richard thought cutting three OSB boards screwed together would be a good start for testing out the TS 60 K. He was impressed with how smoothly this worked, with a nice clean cut, plus some help from the splinter guard and guard rail. (The saw is also compatible with FSK cross cutting guide rails).

Richard also had a go at using the tilt feature on the saw, which cuts up to 40mm at a 47°. He did this with a piece of oak at a 45° angle to make a floating shelf, proudly showing us how neatly the bits could fit together.

Festool offers a lot of options on the accessory front, something our reviewer really liked, including a dust extractor, which he believes is vital for safety. In a handy side by side, he showed us just how much dust cutting with power tools creates.

Final thoughts

At the end of the video, Richard provided a summary of his thoughts on the saw. Overall, he was really satisfied with the TS 60 K and recommend it. His main highlights were the anti-kick stop, precision cutting and the quality accessories available.

The Professional Builder YouTube Channel is going to be showcasing more reviews like this one, as well as how to video guides and safety tips for working on site, so watch this space!

Click: Festool TS 60 K – plunge-cut saw reviewed! – YouTube to watch the review and let us know what you’d like to see next!

For more on the Festool TS 60 K, visit Festool Plunge-cut saw TS 60 KEBQ-Plus 230V online.

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