Nu-Heat: Installing UFH

Nu-Heat: Installing UFH

If you are new to the world of underfloor heating (UFH), a single-zone UFH kit offers a straightforward solution for your first install. Nu-Heat guides you through the process.

Ideal for builders, OneZone complete warm water UFH kits include everything you need to install UFH in a single area, from the controls and the right amount of tube, to the suitable fixing system for the project.

Kits include components with long warranty periods, a manifold and clear, step-by-step installation manuals and set-up information, along with access to free technical support – all designed to make installation simple.

Fit UFH over an existing floor

Installed directly over the existing floor, LoPro Max OneZone includes the UFH manufacturer’s specialist, quick-drying, self-levelling compound.

The system can work alongside any heating system and can be simply connected to an existing radiator circuit to avoid pipework back to the boiler. Delivering high heat outputs and rapid heat-up times, the kit is better suited to areas with large amounts of glazing, less than ideal insulation levels or high heat losses.

How to install

Castellated panels hold the UFH tube in place, and the highly-conductive self-levelling compound is poured over the top. The perfectly level floor can be walked on after 24 hours and is ready for floor coverings – even tiles – after 72 hours.

step-1-repair-and-level-existing-floors-seal-any-gaps-and-prime-the-fRepair and level existing floors, seal any gaps and prime the floor


Place isolation strip around the sides of the room and battens in doorways


Cover the floor with self-adhesive castellated panel


Lay the UFH tube


Fit the manifold, connect the tubing and pressure test


Mix and pour the compound over the castellated panel. After 72 hours the final floor finish can be laid

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