Nifty plumbing tools to make life easier and less messy

Nifty plumbing tools to make life easier and less messy

From bleeding a radiator to draining down an entire heating system without having to switch off the mains supply, Lee Parsons, CEO of Arctic Hayes, looks at the nifty plumbing tools that make life easier and less messy.  

In any heating system, the efficient distribution of heat is of paramount importance. Proper radiator servicing and balancing ensures that heat is evenly distributed, reducing energy wastage and enhancing comfort. Regular radiator servicing also extends their life, saving both time and money for homeowners.  

The hassle factor really kicks in if radiator valves are broken. Similarly, if you have to repair pipe work, the time to drain down an entire system can be a real pain. Luckily however, there are some great tools and accessories available that can save you time, money, mess and effort on all of these jobs. 


Broken bleed valves 

If you need to bleed radiators and the valve is broken fear not. The Easibleed radiator bleed valve will save you a lot of hassle. It takes seconds to install and you won’t need to drain off the system. It essentially creates a new radiator air bleed vent.  

First, turn the valves off on the radiator (An adjustable spanner maybe required). Next, find a suitable location for the Easibleed valve near the top of the radiator. Then using a drill with a 10mm socket head, attach the Easibleed by drilling it straight into the radiator. Don’t overtighten it, once it’s in place you can open the Easibleed valve then bleed your radiator – it is so simple but saves so much time, money and effort.

To watch an instructional video on the Easibleed Bleed Draining Valve Kit visit How to install an Easibleed to a radiator with a broken valve. (

No draining down 

When it comes to repairing pipework, Pipe Freeze kits are a great option for heating and plumbing engineers – they save vast amounts of time and money, there is hardly any clearing up to be done and there is no disruption to your customers’ home or workplace. Draining/refilling a system takes time which equals money, not to even mention if you have air locks/re-balancing issues. 

There are three different types of kit in the range; ‘Aero’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Electric’ and each kit caters for a range of pipe sizes for both vertical and horizontal freeze applications. The kits are simple to use and can freeze pipes in a few easy steps.  

Aero: Mainly used for that quick one-off repair on 8-28mm pipes. 

Pro: Offering a more controlled way to save on refrigerant means more freezes per can, saving money. Kits available to freeze from 8-61mm, some with dual freeze capabilities. 

Electric: If you need to freeze for longer then here’s your answer. Available in three sizes (8mm-28mm, 8mm-42mm & 8mm-61mm), and in two voltage options 110v or 230v. 

First, choose the right kit for your job, then fit the insulated jacket by wrapping it securely around the pipe that needs freezing. Next, fasten the jacket using the zip/pull ties provided in the kit to ensure a snug fit for optimal freezing and allow the refrigerant to flow into the jacket, freezing the pipe in just a matter of minutes. Once the pipe is frozen, turn off the refrigerant flow and proceed with repair or installation work without draining the system. The remarkable savings in both time and effort are why these kits have become so popular with the trade.  

Less mess 

Draining down radiators can be a messy job, so anything that can keep a homeowner’s property free from dirt is a must. One piece of kit that saves on mess is a Drain Down Kit. It helps avoid unnecessary mess like damage to floors and carpets from spillage.  

This kit provides 4 water diverting collars/seals (8,10,15,22m) and a waterproof barrier gel for extra sealing, which help direct the dirty water into the collection tray. For maximum protection always use absorbent sheeting around the radiator/work area.  


Basic radiator and heating system maintenance, as well as draining-down systems, often involve working in areas that need that extra protection, so the use of asset and floor protection products is crucial to prevent damages to property, reduce stress and ensure customer satisfaction. Products like protective mats, adhesive films and surface protectors safeguard against scratches, spills, and other potential accidents, making the job more professional and less nerve-racking. 

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