Marketplace app for instantly booking tradespeople

Marketplace app for instantly booking tradespeople

Bokafix, a marketplace app for instantly booking tradespeople, a marketplace platform that everyday customers can use to find and book qualified and vetted Fixers in the U.K. and Sweden, this week announced the launch of their Fixer app in app stores.

By providing a secure, reliable and streamlined digital process for booking qualified Fixers without all the time spent on research, quotes, and long wait periods, Bokafix is changing the entire home improvement industry for both customers and tradespeople.

“We were all tired of googling ‘plumber in Stockholm’ and then waiting weeks for a reply, wondering if we were hiring the best person for the job, with no real guarantees,” says Bokafix Founder and CEO, Natascha Cox. “With Bokafix, we do all the hard work, vetting all Fixers that join the platform. Users can see customer reviews and transparent hourly rates instantly without all of the hassle or long lead times.”

Cox believes it’s time for a change in the traditionally manual industry, where it’s the norm to have miscommunications, long wait periods, and poorly finished work. Cox and her team have been developing a platform that offers value to both the customer and the Fixer while generating more local work opportunities.

Bokafix, which was founded in 2021 by Cox and her Co-Founder, have expanded to a team of 11 in just one year, with a 60% female C-suite and remote team members spanning across Europe.

“We have strategically expanded the company in preparation for launch with a fully operational team’’ concluded Cox. With no upfront fee, Fixers are encouraged to download the app and register today. For more information visit

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