Makita’s core products every roofer should have

Makita’s core products every roofer should have

In the next instalment of our Toolbox series with Makita the team look at the core products that every roofer should keep close at hand.

For cutting roof tiles, slates, capping stones and composite panels roofers need to have a good-quality disc cutter. To ensure ease of use, flexibility and safety Makita recommends opting for a cordless machine like the DCE090. With a maximum cutting depth of 88mm, the DCE090 is best in class for 230mm cordless disc cutters, making sure that contractors are able to cut a wider variety of roofing materials.

With cordless models, professionals have the freedom to work at height and position themselves in a way that makes the job easier and safer. Unlike petrol engine machines, with cordless models users do not have to worry about the transportation of fuel or emissions. They are also more compact and lighter in weight, so operators can manoeuvre the tool effortlessly and move around site with ease. What’s more, as there are no emissions, the machine can also be used indoors safely. Battery-powered machines also mean that users are not constrained by a power lead or the location of a power source, and do not have to worry about the safe placement of cables and the potential trip hazard they cause.

The DCE090 is powered by two LXT 18V lithium-ion batteries that work in series to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system – making this machine a powerful choice for use across a wide range of applications. Its brushless motor also means that the batteries do not need to be recharged as frequently, as there are no moving parts in the motor causing friction and therefore no energy is lost through heat production.

To ensure the DCE090 is always working at its optimum, the manufacturer has included an overload indicator lamp and Active Feedback Sensing Technology (AFT) that works to shut down the tool if the rotation speed suddenly slows down.

For improved user safety, the DCE090 features a lock-off button and a hose connector to connect the tool to a tap or water bottle for dust suppression – and the in-built LED job light ensures users have maximum visibility of the material.

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Roofers should also keep a heat gun like the HG6531CK close at hand for welding sub-roofing membranes and sealing bitumen or rubberised sheet materials on flat roofs. This tool has five air flow settings and easy temperature adjustment (in 5-degree increments) so users can easily adjust the output to meet the requirements of the job. For safety and to ensure the machine works at its optimum the HG6531CK also features over-heat protection and double insulation.

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Another tool worth having is an air nailer like the AN454 Roofing Nailer for securing joists, batons and framing. This pneumatic coil nailer has been specifically designed for roofing applications and is compact, well balanced and ergonomically designed for ease of use at height. It features toolless depth adjustment and shingle guide adjustment so users can easily alter the machine to suit the task. The AN454 also includes a joist hook so it can be easily secured when not in use.

Alternatively, the GN900SE 7.2V First Fix Gas Nailer is depth adjustable and takes nails from 50mm up to 90mm. It offers improved user safety as it provides freedom from hoses and compressors.

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Your toolbox checklist:

  1. Disc Cutters – for cutting a wide range of roofing materials including roof tiles, slates, capping stones and composite panels.
  2. Heat Guns – ideal for welding and sealing roofing materials.
  3. Gas Nailers – for securing joists, batons and framing.
  4. Grinders – can be used to make precise cuts in roofing materials.
  5. Circular Saws – ideal for cutting composite panels, sheet materials, batons, joists and frames.
  6. Reciprocating Saws – perfect for cutting joists or creating openings for skylights.

Accessories to suit the above core range:

Makita’s E-05153 Roofers and General Purpose Pouch is a must have product. It has been designed with numerous pouches that each feature anti-slip webbing to securely and safely hold a range of tools – even when working at height. For example, the stainless-steel side-gate hammer holder keeps hammers secure and in a vertical position. The E-05153 is durable and will keep its shape thanks to Makita’s 3L Technology. It can be easily fitted onto the user’s belt or carried using the ergonomic handle.

The power tool expert also stocks a wide range of additional accessories ideal for carrying tools and keeping them secure.

Disc Cutters and Grinders

Makita has a wide selection of diamond blades ranging from 115mm to 230mm for use with its disc cutters and grinders. The durability of these blades ensures that work can be completed efficiently, maximising user productivity.

Heat Guns

The range includes a wide selection of nozzles for use with its heat guns including reflector nozzles, reduction nozzles, wide slot nozzles, overlap welding nozzles and weld nozzles. Also available is a carry case to safely transport heat guns around site and store them in the van.

Circular Saw

To ensure professionals can find the right blade for every application and individual machine, there’s an extensive selection of saw blades on offer. For example, it offers premium saw blades made especially for cordless saws and wood cutting to ensure machines are always operating at their optimum efficiency and users can complete tasks quickly and to a high standard.

Gas Nailers

Makita supplies a range of accessories for use with its gas nailers including Gas Nailer Cleaner and Gas Nailer Oil. It also has a selection of nails specifically designed for use with this type of machine that are all meet the EC5 and EN14592 European Standards.

Reciprocating Saw

Many of the company’s reciprocating saw blades are manufactured using high quality steel to ensure effortless cutting. What’s more, the range includes blades that are suitable for a wide selection of wood and metal cutting applications.

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