Makita drill bits- efficiency and productivity for contractors

Makita drill bits- efficiency and productivity for contractors

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita, details how its high-performance, multi-purpose, drill bits can help door, glazing and window contractors to work more efficiently and improve productivity.

One of the challenges of door, glazing and window work is finding a suitable drill bit for the wide variety of materials you work on. Unfortunately, the majority of drill bits are designed for use with a specific material and, as a result, installers are forced to routinely carry out the frustrating task of switching bits. When time is tight, having to constantly make changes and swapping bits over can be a real annoyance. Worse still is the decision of some installers to find ways to work around this by using drill bits that are not suitable for the material being worked on. Not only does this workaround end up shortening the lifespan of the drill itself, but it can also damage the material that is being drilled into – causing costly repairs and replacement parts on all counts.

The Makita OmniBohrer range of high-performance, multi-purpose drill bits have been specially designed for use on a range of materials, including concrete, tile, brick, slate, limestone, wood, composite materials, aluminium, plastics and metal. As such, this solution can help overcome the daily challenge of switching between drill bits and in turn, save time on-site, allow work to progress faster and improve productivity. What’s more, the highly engineered design of each drill bit helps improve on-site accuracy. Designed with accessibility in mind, the collection consists of 25 drill bits, which range from 3 to 14mm in diameter and lengths between 60 to 400mm for use on an extensive range of popular power drills.

In creating the OmniBohrer range, we believe we’ve made something that helps installers to overcome a genuine daily challenge, particularly in window fitting applications where the frames are PVCu and metal and fixed to brickwork. Each bit in the OmniBohrer range has specially engineered, wider flutes, to deliver quick and efficient material extraction. Additionally, each tip is made from high-quality tungsten carbide, a material revered across several industries for its superior durability and high melting point, provides exceptional durability and longevity. As such, these tips ensure greater wear and impact resistance, making them perfect for multi-layered materials, whilst also protecting the drill. It is important to note that OmniBohrer bits should only be used in rotary mode. Use of percussion mode will damage the tip of the drill bit.

With these benefits in mind, it is also essential to ensure the tool you’re using has the correct capacity for the task in hand by checking the product information provided by the manufacturer (usually displayed on the body of the drill). This information will detail the maximum capacity with different materials. Make this process part of your daily routine, as even machines that look similar can have significantly different capabilities. The tool speed should also be adjusted depending on the density of the material to ensure smooth and safe operation. Once again, the tool manufacturer’s information should provide guidance on the correct and safe usage of the product.

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