Made for Trade and winning big at the NFAs 2023

Made for Trade and winning big at the NFAs 2023

Three is the magic number for Made for Trade with a trio of industry awards  

Made for Trade may not have had a stroke of luck at the Doncaster Racecourse, but the company more than made up for it with three significant wins that are crucial to the business.

The manufacturer has retained the prestigious Aluminium Fabricator of the Year award for 2023, whilst also adding Bi-Folding Door Manufacturer of the Year for the Korniche Bi-folding Door. Thanks to its Speedbead technology, installers have been drawn to this product’s ease and speed of installation. This knock-in bead allows door sashes to be glazed quickly and effortlessly. It also enables swift adjustments and any necessary remedial work without causing any damage to the bead or the frame.

After six years as the market leader for the Korniche Roof Lantern, winning the Conservatory Product of the Year in 2023 is a testament to its established position in the fenestration landscape. Its ease and speed of construction and installation, coupled with its exceptional strength, continue to set the benchmark in the industry.

(Left to right) Kevin Bell (Senior Sales Associate), Mike Robinson (Head of Sales Operations) and Ian Bousfield (Marketing Manager)

The team from Made for Trade, including Ian Bousfield (Marketing Manager), Mike Robinson (Head of Sales Operations), and Kevin Bell (Senior Sales Associate), attended the NFA 2023 event. The company received multiple nominations and shortlisting for awards, making the day a resounding success off the racecourse.

Ian Bousfield expressed his appreciation for the National Fenestration Awards, highlighting how they provide an excellent platform for the industry. The nomination, shortlisting, and voting processes allow the entire industry to participate, allowing businesses to showcase their products and services and let the industry determine the deserving winners in each category.

Congratulations to all the runners, riders, and winners of the NFAs in 2023. 

For more Made for Trade services and Korniche products go to Made for Trade: Aluminium Roof Lanterns and Bi-folding Doors.

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