Knauf Airless Spray Finishes: an alternative to traditional gypsum plaster

Knauf Airless Spray Finishes: an alternative to traditional gypsum plaster

Knauf Airless Spray Finishes is the 21st century alternative to traditional gypsum plaster.

Less waste, less water, less dust, less time: that is the promise from Knauf Airless Spray Finishes, a 21st century alternative to traditional gypsum plaster. Sprayed directly onto the wall and ceiling surfaces, Knauf Airless gives a flawless finish in a fraction of the time needed for traditional plastering. Plus, a big bonus for tradespeople, significantly less wear and tear on arms and backs.

Its crushed marble formula makes it easier to level and sand if required, and the product comes ready-mixed in recyclable bags. There is no need to mix with water on site, reducing standpipe costs on large builds, and application of the product prior to sanding is dust-free, giving a much cleaner and safer environment. Knauf Airless is applied using an Airless piston-pump machine which are available for hire, providing complete flexibility of use, and are also available for purchase.

Furthermore, learning how to spray Airless is a quick and easy process, especially with Knauf training courses. Tradespeople unfamiliar with using spray finishes may be interested to know that the Knauf Airless spray course, covering the Ready-mixed Finishes (RMF) system, is consistently one of Knauf’s most popular. This course introduces contractors to the spray method of internal Airless finish application, allowing attendees to produce finished substrates ready for decorating without necessarily needing to employ a traditionally-trained plasterer. It’s a great way to expand the range of services provided on a job without increasing the size of the team.

Knauf Technical Training Team can easily demonstrate how easy it is to apply Knauf Airless and leave you wondering why you haven’t used it before. That is exactly what happened for James Evans, Director of Spray Pro: “We recently used Knauf Airless for the first time on a project in Mayfair. It is honestly one of the best we have used – it certainly provides a smoother finish and a cleaner look. We have had to do a lot less sanding and it simply dries a lot smoother. Knauf is definitely the way forward for us as a company.”

A similar sentiment was expressed by Wates Construction after specifying the spray plaster for a fast, high-quality finish throughout Stag House, a new £7m housing development in Putney. Tom Hooper-Smith, Project Manager for Wates Construction, was particularly impressed with the safety of the product in use. “Knauf Airless Ready-mixed Finish produces little dust during application, as little or no sanding is required, meaning that the environment is safer and more comfortable for site workers. “The cherry on top has to be that there’s no waste from the product – any unused excess can be scraped back into the hopper – so it is both ecological and economical. It’s a win-win, I really do think it’s the way forward.”

No gypsum, and greatly reduced dust, means a much cleaner and healthier environment for site workers, quicker clean up, less waste and making good. The Knauf range contains trace silicate; well below HSE requirements. The product was specified for Stag House primarily for its speed and ease of use, but for subcontractors ASH Drywall it was a first, so the training provided by Knauf was an essential part of the service. ASH Drywall sent a team to the Knauf Learning Zone, the training centre in Sittingbourne, to make sure they were completely comfortable with the system before starting the project and Knauf also followed up with a site visit to answer any last-minute questions. The subcontractors are equally enthusiastic, with initial reservations about using an entirely new process being overturned during the supportive training process from Knauf. Having used the product on this site, ASH Drywall has indicated that the company will be happy to tender with this product in the future.

For the modern contractor, Knauf Airless Finishing system fits perfectly into the UK’s offsite construction environment. It is versatile, used as a direct finishing coat onto smooth surfaces like plasterboard for drywall partitions and ceilings. Applied up to three times faster than conventional plastering methods, the spray-applied finish is well suited to an offsite arena. Its ability to be bonded straight to concrete panels and other substrates reflects the offsite construction industry’s desire to create buildings faster than alternative onsite methods. Airless is also less prone to cracking due to its flexural strength, making it an ideal option for the volumetric modular builder. Tried, tested and approved by several specialised offsite construction contractors, Knauf Airless Finish has become the first port of call for those looking for a consistent alternative to conventional plastering methods.

Want to know more? Exclusively for Professional Builder readers, Knauf is offering a limited number of free, hands-on training courses at their fully equipped Learning Zones in Sittingbourne, Kent and Immingham, North East Lancashire. Book your session by emailing or visit the Knauf technical webchat at and quote PB21.

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