Klober answers your roofing questions

Klober answers your roofing questions

In the latest of our FAQ series, Graham Copson, Technical Manager of Klober, takes us through some of the more common queries received by the company’s technical department

Can I have a tile vent colour to match my existing roof?

Tile-matching services are available, whereby vents are hand coloured and finished to suit. This allows customers to achieve a consistent finish across potentially conspicuous components and the roof, to deliver a top-quality look, especially on higher end developments.

And a selection to match the popular colours and finishes from the major manufacturers may well be held in stock. Klober’s service, for instance, is incredibly popular with over 23,000 vents being matched and/ or granulated last year.

Can flat roof vents be fitted alongside any flat roof covering?

Flat roof vents – made from high-impact PVC – can be used with a range of materials ranging from GRP, PVC and bitumen. The only finish one would advise against using the vents alongside is asphalt. Asphalt is installed using high temperature which could distort PVC flat roof vents, in the worst case collapsing them altogether.

When should I use Permo extreme?

Permo extreme has been designed as a waterproofing underlay for low-pitched roofs. This means that if you are using tile, slate or plain tiles at pitches lower than manufacturers’ recommendation – which is not in itself ideal – then Permo extreme could be for you. You should take advice on how low the pitch can go before purchase.

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