Klober Answers Your Roofing FAQs

Klober Answers Your Roofing FAQs

In the second of our FAQ series, Graham Copson, Technical Manager of Klober, takes us through some of the more common queries received by the company’s technical department. To read last week’s article click here.

Do I need to pull my roofing membrane tight if it isn’t supported?

When you leave a drape it creates natural valleys for any excess water to run to the eaves and away from any nail penetrations on the rafters. This is one of the reasons it is recommended against pulling your membrane tight if it isn’t being supported advise a nominal 10mm drape as per BS 5534. If you would like to know more about BS 5534 please visit: http://klober.co.uk/page/a-guide-to-bs5534

Do I need to replace my roof underlay if it has been uncovered?

It is recommended that underlays are covered as soon as possible; though UV stable membranes – such as ours – can be left for up to four months.

Which plain tile vent do I need when using a clay plain tile?

When using a clay tile like a Rosemary or handmade plain tile, it is recommended that you use a Klober clay plain tile vent. The reason for this is that the cambers on these profiles can differ, meaning you may see a lift at the bottom when using some other tiles vents – even Klober’s own Uni-Plain tile vent.



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