KAT Sliding Doors

KAT Sliding Doors

Triple Track v Duo Track? When it comes to patio doors KAT helps you make the choice.

Many people want to make the most of their decking and garden areas all year round and whilst the bi fold door continues to be popular, the sliding patio door is making a comeback.

When choosing a patio door, your customer might imagine the traditional duo track, where one or more sashes remain fixed at all times.

With a triple track patio door, all three sashes can slide from left to right, offering greater flexibility than a duo track.

track-1Triple track patio doors can be opened from either end with all three sashes stacking neatly behind each other, allowing 2/3rds of the overall space to be opened.

But did you know duo track patio doors can also now be opened from both ends, providing an opening of up to 50 per cent?

The strength of aluminium allows door sashes to be made wider than other materials would allow and the profile sightlines are slimmer, which means there is more glass, allowing the maximum amount of light into a home.

They are ideal for wider openings, with sash widths of up to 2.5 metres, dependent on the height of the doors. Aluminium triple track patio doors are available with either three or six sashes.

When it comes to maintenance, all aluminium doors require is a wipe with a damp cloth when needed and a regular check to ensure the track is kept free from grit and small stones, to ensure the sliding panel(s) continue to run smoothly. 

When it comes to hardware, KAT designed a door handle, bespoke to KAT which carries a 10 year guarantee, with six finishes to choose from: Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Gold, Black, White or Grey.

With seven Aluminium colours from stock, patio D=doors can be delivered in just two weeks throughout the UK in either white, cream, light grey, anthracite grey or black or dual colours with White inside and either anthracite grey or black outside. Each of the seven colours has the same short lead time, with no uplift in costs for dual colours.

Quick checklist for a Patio Door specification:

  • Duo or Triple Track?
  • Overall width and height
  • Door colour
  • Colour of door furniture
  • How many panels – any fixed panel?
  • How many panels – any fixed panel?

white-with-ultionUltion Lock Cylinder

KAT understands that security shouldn’t be compromised and, thanks to high security multi-point locking systems, even the most determined intruder will be discouraged.

All the company’s doors are fitted with an Ultion triple star, diamond rated lock cylinder with ultimate snap protection molybdenum alloy core. When it detects attack from an intruder, Ultion activates a Lock Down Mode to keep homes safe.

If you’re thinking of fitting a Sliding Patio Door for the first time, KAT’s Service Engineer would be happy to offer advice or point you in the direction of installation guidelines.

Once fitted, the company’s patio doors carry a 10 year guarantee and for more information on their features you can watch a short product video, either on the website or on YouTube, or download a technical specification. Installation manuals can be provided on request.

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