John Guest hits 60 year landmark

John Guest hits 60 year landmark

The original push-fit inventors, John Guest, part of the RWC family of brands, is celebrating 60 years since the brand’s inception.

Established in 1961 by John Guest, the company developed the world’s first push-fit system designed initially for compressed air in 1974. Created to make installations faster and easier, this technology is now used across the globe, including power-steering systems in automotive to food grade applications in drinks dispense and water treatment, through to telecoms, compressed air and OEM solutions – and, of course, plumbing and heating.

Under the John Guest and JG Speedfit brands technology innovation, combined with years of expertise, helps RWC support installers to complete projects as efficiently as possible. Bart Maris, VP Sales & Marketing for RWC EMEA, explains more: “This year we are celebrating a huge milestone at John Guest. Push-fit technology has come a long way since we first invented it, and we are constantly striving for improvement. Now, as part of the family of brands, we are integrating the technology, knowledge and experience into our wider product portfolio. For example, just last year, we launched a set of Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections to help make plumbing and heating installations faster, simpler and easier.”

The advantages of plastic push-fit pipes and fittings are well known throughout the plumbing industry. They are versatile, durable, and easy to transport and install. It is also by far the easiest of the four main fitting types to work with – even in confined spaces. Compared to compression fittings, soldering, and press-fit, push-fit requires no tools to install or demount, offering up to 40 per cent decreased installation time. With no requirement for blowtorches, solder and cleaning agents, installation is not only faster, it offers far fewer health and safety risks.

Beyond the benefits to installers, push-fit technology stands to benefit the industry as a whole. With construction and renovation projects on the increase, redoubled government focus on investment in housing and infrastructure, and a shortage of skilled labour, efficiency is key. Using technology that offers speed and reliability could help free up installers by improving efficiency, allowing construction projects to proceed apace.

Today, RWC’s John Guest innovates for a range of industries within their UK factories, making millions of products a year. Everything is made in the UK, from tooling, to automated assembly machines to components – ensuring the reputation for quality is never compromised. Every product is designed in-house and rigorously tested in state-of-the-art labs, with strict quality control throughout the process.


By the late 1950s John Guest had already developed his first prototype hollow pressure die casting machine.

The first John Guest company was formed in the early 1960s specialising in precision engineering and tool making.

In 1974, John Guest developed his first push in tube connector for use with compressed air. That basic ‘Super Speedfit’ concept has been developed to include fittings for a wide range of applications.

A second factory, covering 9,000 sq ft was opened in West Drayton.

The Speedfit Plumbing and Heating System was launched in 1987 at the Interbuild Exhibition and wins best new product at the show award.

By now, there were over 2,000 different types and sizes of fittings in the product range.

The commitment to product development was recognised by the receiving of the Queen’s Award for Innovation, recognising the development of Twist and Lock Plumbing Fittings and Pipe.

September 2014 saw the launch of JG Aura, the new heating control concept that gives complete control of your home heating from the palm of your hand.

For more about the marking of the John Guest anniversary, celebrating ‘60 Years of Trust’, visit

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