Installing Vario XtraSafe: A Moisture Management System

Installing Vario XtraSafe: A Moisture Management System

Will Mott, technical product manager at Saint-Gobain Isover, explains how to install Vario XtraSafe, a new airtightness and moisture management system.

Tackling the challenge of airtightness in a building is extremely important, as it stops heat from escaping and helps to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature. By preventing unintended air and water vapour exchanges through building fabric, installers can also boost energy efficiency in the structures they work on.

Vario XtraSafe is a new smart membrane that helps protect against rot and mould, as well as improve comfort in a building, by managing the levels of airtightness and preventing the build-up of moisture.

The product, which includes specially designed tapes and sealants, is easier to install than polyethylene barriers as it features a clever hook and loop system meaning it can be fitted by just one person.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to install Vario XtraSafe.pb1

  1. Check that you have the necessary system components, Vario MultiTape and Vario DS Sealant.pb2
  2. Once you’ve ensured the area where Vario XtraFix will be applied is clean and free from dust, apply the tape in a continuous strip around the perimeter.pb3
  1. Unpack and roll out the Vario XtraSafe membrane. Using the pre-marked cutting guides, cut the membrane to the required size. Ensure enough is cut to leave the required overlaps (see steps 3 and 4).pb4
  1. With the printed side facing towards you, attach the first sheet of the membrane using the tape, with minimum overlap of two printed squares where the membrane meets an adjoining wall, floor or ceiling. If there are any wrinkles in the material, simply remove and adjust, to give a smooth, airtight fit.pb5
  2. Apply the next sheet of XtraSafe, ensuring a minimum overlap of one printed square where one piece of the membrane will adjoin to the next.pb6
  3. Seal each overlapping piece of XtraSafe with a single, continuous strip of MultiTapepb7
  4. Where the membrane is overlapped onto an adjoining wall, floor or ceiling, apply a continuous bead of DS Sealant under the overlap. Press the membrane firmly into the sealant bead and seal the edge to the surface using MultiTape to ensure an airtight joint.pb8
  1. Should there be any damage to the membrane, seal smaller holes with Multitape. For larger areas of damage, cut an appropriately sized piece of Vario and fix it over the damaged area.pb9
  2. Once the installation is complete, check for any wrinkles, gaps or areas of damage that could affect overall airtightness.

For further information on the Vario XtraSafe airtightness and moisture management system use the reader enquiry number below

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