How Bond It’s Mega Stik is changing up the installation of building boards

How Bond It’s Mega Stik is changing up the installation of building boards

Whatever the building board Mega Stik from Bond It is your answer

Across every area of the building trade, we continue to see new developments and product launches that are enabling us to work smarter. The installation of sheet materials, like plasterboard, insulation boards, floorboards and roof decking, is no exception.

Bond It has always had a pioneering approach to building chemicals. Throughout its 20-year history, the UK manufacturer has helped to advance the construction trade by developing products such as next generation hybrid sealants, high performance liquid membranes and self-fusing silicone repair tapes that all but redefine the term multi-purpose.

Another common trade task that has benefitted from Bond It’s progressive focus is the installation of building boards. Whether you’re talking plasterboard, insulation board, floorboards or roofing decking, the business has developed a time, money and effort saving solution to meet your needs. Its name is Mega Stik.

Can-do attitude

“Mega Stik offers the trade professional a number of major advantages compared to traditional board adhesives” comments Kirstie Cooper, marketing manager at Bond It. “Many of these benefits stem from the fact that it’s a polyurethane foam adhesive, which is supplied in an aerosol can rather than a powdered, gypsum-based product in a bag or sack.”

As a canned product, it is supplied pre-mixed and ready to apply using a universal foam gun. This saves the time, mess, and fuss of mixing a bonding compound on-site. Each can is sufficient to fix five standard sized boards.

The canned format also makes it easier to transport and store. It removes the need to lug around heavy bags of powdered product as well as the tools required to mix it. Plus, it’s easy and space efficient to store a can or two in your van or workshop for those unexpected or quick, ‘on-the-fly’ jobs.

And, speaking of quick, Mega Stik has been developed with speed very much in mind. Thanks to the product’s unique formulation, boards only need to be held in place for 60 seconds after which the level of bond strength achieved will be sufficient to support them.

Mega Stik also cures in just one hour, using atmospheric moisture, and then the bonded board’s surface is suitable for plastering. Of course, in a world and an industry where time is money, this increased speed of application and curing delivers significant commercial dividends.

As well as reducing the time and subsequent labour costs of installing building boards, it enables you to install more boards in a shorter window, maximising your productivity and the amount of revenue you can potentially generate.

Mega in name. Mega in nature

Like many other solutions from across the Bond It range, Mega Stik is a product that keeps on giving. “Aside from its convenience, speed and ease of use, Mega Stik has numerous other, equally beneficial, plus points” comments Kirstie. “This includes impressive versatility. Not only can it be used with a wide variety of building boards, but it can also bond these materials to an enormous range of substrates.”

Specifically, the soloution delivers exceptional adhesion across most common building substrates, including concrete, brick, stone, wood, metals, and bituminous membranes. In addition, the can will work at any angle allowing it to be applied horizontally or vertically to either the board, the wall, a beam, or a batten.

Further versatility stems from the fact that Mega Stik can also be used instead of backing rods in expansion joints and around window and door frames. It also expands during curing, albeit very minimally, but enough to fill any gaps or voids between an uneven surface and a board.

Summing up, Kirstie adds: “Bond It remains committed to developing products that deliver meaningful benefits to the trade professional – whether that’s by helping then to increase their output, streamline their working processes or achieve better results in an easier way.

“Mega Stik, and the many distinct advantages it offers, is the perfect example of that commitment in practice.”

For further information on Mega Stik from Bond It, click here.

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