Growing significance of installer-friendly product design

Growing significance of installer-friendly product design

Lewis Neathey, Product Management Leader UK at GROHE, LIXIL EMENA, delves into the growing significance of installer-friendly product design.

In the rapidly developing world of professional construction and installation, efficiency is crucial. The tools and products used can significantly impact the success of any project, and as many experienced installers and builders will attest, when it comes to product, ease of installation is equally as important as quality, durability, and the final aesthetic.

Installer-friendly products play an increasingly crucial role in both the current and future landscape. They streamline the installation process by being easy to handle, requiring minimal tools, and coming with clear to follow instructions. This reduces installation time, cuts labour costs, and allows installers to complete more projects, enhancing overall profitability. Thankfully, many installers are no longer having to accept complex and poorly designed products that can result in extended timelines or costly errors.

High-quality installations also lead to greater customer satisfaction and can enhance the reputation of both installers and manufacturers. In addition to these benefits, such products also accommodate and facilitate universal learning opportunities for installers at all stages of their careers, especially important as we look to attract more young people into the trade industries.

In recent years, our bathrooms have evolved into integrated living spaces within homes and hospitality settings. This shift has increased the demand for concealed fittings, as customers and designers alike seek sleek, aesthetic finishes that maintain premium functionality. Manufactures can meet this demand by providing solutions that cater to modern design needs while ensuring ease of installation for professionals. Sustainable design is another emerging trend, with products that are easy to install and environmentally friendly gaining traction to meet the growing demand for green building practices.

We see it as our job as a manufacturer to respond to current challenges in the industry and thus support our professional partners in their daily work as effectively as possible by responding to demand and catering to their needs. For example, our concealed portfolio has been specifically designed and created to support with ease of installation, while also providing retailers with a desirable product portfolio that caters to consumer demands and keeps up with trends.

For WCs, products such as the GROHE Rapid SL and SLX flush frame installation systems for wall-hung toilets exemplifies ease of installation with pre-assembled components and intuitive design, while offering a state-of-the-art plumbing solution with whisper-quiet functionality and sleek design, as well EcoJoy technology, which reduces water consumption by up to 50% without compromising on performance. This allows installers to complete jobs quickly and efficiently, reducing labour costs and minimising client disruption.

Our latest innovations also meet the demand for concealed products. The Rapido Shower Frame comes with preassembled components like mixed water pipes and concealed elements, allowing installation in just a few steps. Its 80mm installation depth fits almost any plasterboard wall, streamlining both the installation and planning processes. Such considerations enable quicker and more precise installations, seamlessly reducing the likelihood of mistakes, improving work quality, and minimising the need for costly rework.

Our commitment to installer-friendly product design not only seeks to improve working conditions for installers but also contributes to the overall success of construction projects. Embracing this approach leads to better outcomes for everyone involved, from manufacturers to installers to end-users. Meaning everyone is considered.

For manufactures to successfully cater to this growing category, a deeper understanding of the daily challenges installers face is needed to make a tangible impact. This involves collaboration between product designers and professional installers throughout the development process. Key principles include simplicity, ergonomics, and innovation. Digital tools offering real-time installation guides are becoming increasingly valuable, aiding in installation accuracy and efficiency.

Recognising the importance of installer-friendly products, GROHE designs its offerings to enhance efficiency, improve safety, and boost job satisfaction for installers. A dedicated Professional portfolio addresses the need of today’s sanitary professionals by offering a bespoke product portfolio with the highest standards of quality, technology, sustainability, and design. A commitment to responding to industry challenges, and catering to professional needs, ensures that products remain at the cutting edge of innovation and installer satisfaction. 

For further information on the GROHE Rapid SL installation systems visit Rapid SL Installation System – WC Solutions – For your Bathroom | GROHE

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