Gripsure: Non-Slip Decking

Gripsure: Non-Slip Decking

Professional Builder puts the questions to Gripsure on its non-slip decking.

Q. We’re starting to see Gripsure non slip decking in builders merchants up and down the country. Is this a new product?

A. Actually, Gripsure has been around for more than a decade and we’re now the UK’s biggest non slip decking company. The reason you will start seeing more of our decking boards is that we’ve been expanding into builders and timber merchants. As well as supplying to independent merchants, we’ve secured deals with the big nationals.

Q. Timber decking is becoming more and more popular, but non slip timber decking is less common and might be new to many of our readers. How do the boards work?

A. Timber decking is ideal for a low maintenance garden as well as being a great option for public spaces and commercial projects.

Unfortunately it’s notoriously slippery when it gets wet. Our boards are different. They have aggregate or rubber inserts, providing a grip, which means they never get slippery – even in wet or icy weather. We’ve got a range of different boards – all non slip – and with a huge range of FSC certified softwood to choose from.

We even have a board with rubber infills that absorb rainwater and pass it back into the ground below – ideal for going around swimming pools and hot tubs! All of our decking has been independently tested under BS7976 for slip resistance and comes out top as the UK’s safest.

Q. How different is it to install, compared with standard timber decking?

A. You install Gripsure non slip decking in basically the same way as any timber decking. As with any decking, it needs a substructure and the boards need to be spaced properly.

The end grains should be protected with a preservative to prevent rotting and joints should be as clear as possible to allow drainage and ventilation.

The only difference is with cutting the boards and there are two options for this. If you’re working with a small number, you can use a hand held angle grinder to ‘nick’ through the aggregate, then follow on with a chop saw or hand held saw. For large numbers of cuts, we can supply you with one PCD blade that will cut both and will work for up to 10,000 cuts.

Q. Who is the typical Gripsure customer and where is your non-slip decking being used?

A. Our decking is really popular with all sorts of businesses, as well as homeowners. The safety aspect means we’re seeing more interest from schools, as well as restaurants and pubs, but it can be used almost anywhere. Gripsure decking can now be seen in all sorts of different places up and down the country.

As well as being popular for large decked areas, it’s ideal for bridges, walkways, steps and ramps. Yes, we have some big commercial clients, like the Holiday Inn and Alton Towers, but non slip decking is also a great choice for back gardens.

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