Getting to Know Dakea

Getting to Know Dakea

Professional Builder has a chat with Dakea’s Country Manager GBI, Mhairi McDougall.

We all know that the roof window market is a highly competitive one with some long established brands targeting the contractor market. Dakea is a relatively new name on the scene, what’s the background to the company and what is it bringing to the sector?

Dakea is part of one of the world’s largest roof window manufacturing companies, VKR Group. A group with more than 75 years of experience in roof window design and innovation, Dakea has its foundations based upon longstanding industry heritage and as such, we never compromise on quality.

Dakea is a relatively new concept as we made a strategic decision to only target construction professionals – builders’ merchants and installers – rather than market the brand to consumers. Therefore, with no requirements to spend large budgets on consumer advertising, we are able to offer installers and merchants the very best quality at a competitive price.

Our focus is very much on the installer. For example, for a quick and easy installation, we include installation accessories free of charge.

To ensure customers can be as confident in the products as we are, they are available with market-leading guarantees. The Dakea range covers market needs in terms of product features and sizes, and provides installers with a superior offer and smarter choice of roof window.

Speed of installation is obviously key to our readers. Are there any special features that aid this process?

Dakea Ultima is supplied with a high quality pre-cut and stretchable underfelt foil collar free of charge. This underfelt collar significantly reduces the time of installation and ensures 100 per cent water tightness.

Can you tell us more about the noise block reduction system, which is being promoted heavily in the branding?

We are extremely proud of the noise block technology used within Ultima and promoted within our current campaign. Stringently tested, the technology reduces both noise from outside, such as traffic, and blocks impact sound from rain.

Using a unique combination of both airborne and impact sound insulation, the system reduces noise by up to 50 per cent when compared to a standard roof window. Using 6mm toughened external glass, laminated inner panes, two layers of sound reducing foil alongside noise-absorbing coating, Ultima creates a comfortable and quiet indoor environment.

Appearance too is important to the homeowner. Do the windows follow UK trends and what is the extent of the range on offer?

The UK roof window market has distinct styles and we have ensured that our range reflects those trends. In-line with the latest trends such as white painted and PVC roof windows, the aesthetics of the range cover every possibility – both modern and traditional.

We only use eco-friendly water-based paints and lacquers within the Dakea range to ensure that any environmental impact is minimised.

Indoor air quality and household ventilation is becoming of significant importance across the UK, in both new build and property extensions. To ensure that our windows allow a building to breathe and act as an inlet for fresh air, they incorporate a ventilation valve and two ventilation positions via the window handle.

Furthermore, to provide the final finishing touches to an installation, we also offer an extensive range of comfortable accessories. Designed to complement the range and to meet customer needs, our accessories include blackout blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds, anti-heat blinds and roller shutters.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is an important offering for householders these days. Do your windows enable any such ‘smart’ features?

Yes, one of our additional accessories is the electric opener AMC100. Providing remote control over the roof window, homeowners can easily adjust the window via Home iOs. Incorporating a rain sensor, the electric opener automatically closes the window if it rains.

What about availability? Is it nationwide?

Yes, our roof windows are available in both national and independent builders merchants throughout the UK. An up-to-date distribution network is available on the Dakea website to enable installers to easily locate their nearest stockist.

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