DI-WHY? We need your pictures!

DI-WHY? We need your pictures!

The DI-WHY? section of the Professional Builder website was launched last year and quickly became one of the most visited parts of the site.

Understandably, the feature had a few months off during lockdown, but now restrictions are eased and our readers are once again visiting their customers’ homes, we need your pictures again! There was reportedly a surge in DIY during the lockdown, so we’re expecting to see the professional trades called in to fix lots of DIY disasters.

The aim of DI-WHY? is to highlight the importance of hiring a professional – it is all about the bodge jobs and failed home improvements that professional tradespeople see on a daily basis, ranging from dodgy plumbing to wonky wallpaper.

You can visit the DI-WHY? archive here and here is a selection of some of the submissions so far – every one we use gets a free DI-WHY? sticker.

  • DIY126
  • DIY45
  • DIY120
  • DIY121
  • DIY107
  • DIY103
  • DIY61
  • DIY58

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