Decorating Tips From Hamilton

Decorating Tips From Hamilton

The decorating experts at Hamilton explain how to achieve the best possible finish using water-based gloss paint.

Water-based gloss paint may be growing in popularity, but it can sometimes be difficult to achieve a truly professional finish. Here, Hamilton, the leading decorating sundries company, tells you the best method, including the right tools for the job, along with expert advice, for painting a panelled door to perfection.

Sash brush
Firstly, use a Hamilton Prestige Pure Synthetic sash brush to paint the profiled door panels. The sash brush is ideal for this potentially awkward area as its design ensures the even application of the paint into the profiled section of the door.

flat areas
Next, on the flat areas of the door, use a Hamilton Prestige medium pile mini roller to apply your water-based gloss paint. This gives a thick even application of the paint and is further enhanced if you dampen your roller first to remove any dust.

Laying off brush
‘Lay off’ the paint using a Prestige Laying Off brush for the best finish. Although paint may be applied using the roller alone, the ‘roll on lay off’ method will give a much higher degree of shine to the door. Importantly, a second coat of paint will increase the level of shine even further, giving a much more desirable finish.

Mini roller horizontals
Continue to use the mini roller on the centre horizontals and verticals, laying off again to achieve that all important shine.

Of course a professional decorator may prefer to use a brush only. Whilst a natural bristle brush remains the best option for solvent-based coatings, a synthetic brush will produce the finest finish with water-based gloss – and this also includes water-based trim paints such as Satinwood.

Hamilton’s synthetic brush options have been developed specifically for use with water-based paints, including water-based gloss, and offer distinct advantages to help decorators achieve the desired professional finish.

Most importantly, the synthetic filaments do not swell in water, which prevents tramlining and brushmarks.

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