Datatag ID: Small Tools, Big Losses

Datatag ID: Small Tools, Big Losses

Datatag ID, the power behind the CEA’s official CESAR security and registration scheme, has introduced Micro-CESAR, a new anti-theft deterrent for small tools and equipment.

With criminals employing increasing sophisticated levels of technology and innovative techniques to attack valuable company assets within construction sectors it’s getting harder for managers to protect company assets.

A recent trend, identified by the police, leading insurers and the Combined Industries Theft Solutions (CITS) board, is the theft of small tools and equipment. At a time of limited police resources industry is now vulnerable to this new threat from opportunistic and professional thieves.

Thieves have turned their attention to stealing smaller tools and equipment due to the lack of deterrent, making these high values items vulnerable and easily stolen ‘to order’ or placed on web auctions or in car boot sales.

At the board’s recent conference, under the title “Small tools big losses,” Datatag displayed over 200 items of stolen tools recovered and supplied by the PANIU unit. These stolen tools have no previous identity, leaving them untraceable and the rightful owners and insurance companies out of pocket.

The company’s ID system is poised to make a similar impact as the CESAR Scheme has since it was launched at JCB’s world headquarters back in 2007. The Met Police’s dedicated team show overall equipment theft down by 57 percentin the same time period.

Like CESAR, the new security initiative uses Datatag technology, which includes an RFID tag and warning labels with an integrated and unique QR code.

The new scheme is not only a response to protect all formerly unprotected equipment, which includes small landscaping equipment, power tools, cut-off saws, hand held hydraulic breakers and compaction plates.

The system also allows users to easily access on-line health and safety advice and user manuals through the newly developed micro-CESAR website using the latest software developments by simply scanning the unique QR code.

A number of leading small tools manufacturers are set to adopt the industry solution in the next couple of months. Leading insurers spoke about the rise of small tool theft at the CITS conference and are delighted that Datatag ID is responding with Micro-CESAR.

Datatag working with CITS and with the support of the Metropolitan Police’s Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) are able to provide the latest information on potential threats and help protect the industry from professional criminal networks.

The information provided from PANIU statistics and leading insurance companies, such as NFU Mutual, have helped recognise and collate these latest statistics which show how easy and vulnerable small tools are without Micro-CESAR.

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