ARMD provides tool theft solution for tradespeople

ARMD provides tool theft solution for tradespeople

Heating engineer fights back against tool theft using ARMD.

Reheat, a thriving gas and heating business operating in the South East for over two decades, has found a powerful ally in ARMD, a revolutionary service designed to protect tradespeople from the rising threat of tool theft. Founded and led by Matt Green, Reheat has established itself as a trusted local business in Richmond-upon-Thames and the surrounding area. However, the heart of Reheat’s success lies in the tools used by its engineers, which like most tradespeople, makes them a prime target for thieves.

“Tools are our livelihood, and I think heating and plumbing installers need more tools than most other trades,” says Matt. “Along with our phone number, those things together make or break businesses.” 

The unfortunate reality is that van and tool theft has become an increasingly prevalent concern for tradespeople in recent years, with a staggering 150% increase in van break-ins within the UK over the past two years alone, averaging one every 19 minutes. Shockingly, 86% of the culprits go unpunished. Plumbing and heating professionals, due to their abundance of valuable tools, are particularly vulnerable. 

The impact of tool theft extends beyond the financial aspect. Insurance settlements often take weeks or months to process, and without their tools, tradespeople are unable to work, leading to an average daily income loss of £350. Some installers have even been unable to file claims due to not meeting specific policy requirements. 

Despite Matt’s awareness of the risk of tool theft and his efforts to secure his vans, his company fell victim to theft when one of his engineers parked his van in a supermarket car park during the early evening, only to return and discover it had been broken into. The thieves made off with expensive and vital tools, resulting in a significant financial loss and operational disruption for Reheat. 

Facing these challenges, Matt Green turned to ARMD, a service tailored for tradespeople. ARMD’s user-friendly app, smart van alarm and tracker, in combination with innovative insurance, offer comprehensive protection in four key ways: recording, protecting, insuring and replacing. 

ARMD’s tool insurance is specifically designed to assist tradespeople in swiftly recovering from theft incidents, providing comprehensive coverage 24/7 so eliminating the need to remove tools from vans at night and. In the event of a claim, tradespeople can automatically submit a Claim Report directly from the app, streamlining the process and minimising business disruptions. 

The ARMD GUARD Smart Van Alarm and tracker offer an added layer of protection, notifying users of break-ins via a phone call and enabling immediate action. GPS tracking aids in the location and recovery of stolen vans, giving peace of mind to business owners like Matt Green. 

“ARMD is just putting a bit of control back into the lives of tradespeople,” Matt Green affirms. “They are really helping tradespeople and giving us significant peace of mind.” 

With ARMD’s comprehensive solution, Reheat and other businesses in the trades industry can focus on what they do best – serving their customers – without the constant worry of tool theft. 

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