Add a clean stylish look to your drainage design

Add a clean stylish look to your drainage design

Add a clean stylish look to your drainage design, with a DEKS DekDrain Threshold and DekDrain Aluminium “Edge” slot

Dekdrain Threshold A15 EN1433 CE and UKCA

A combination of the company’s successful Linear Bar and C250 Wave grating design, the DEKS DekDrain Threshold provides what the manufacturer describes as both a sleek designer look and superior water capture.

What do you want from your threshold drain? Would you like a drain that looks great by design? A product that performs for its intended use? Then, DekDrain Threshold is the answer to your drainage dream. The sleek and stylish design lifts the look of your front door – performing to capture water across its length without allowing water to traverse.

You would want a drain that has significantly more open area to enable water to flow in without the risk of crossing the grating into the property. Even better a grating that prevents heels becoming stuck in it. And ideally, the drain will incorporate a bottom channel profile that is “D” Shaped not flat, which ensures every last drop of water drains to the point of discharge, and you can maintain it with ease.

If water runs towards your door, and the drain you have selected holds that water above ground for any reason, it poses risks, including ponding, ice, silt, and moss build that can cause slips and accidents outside your door. An efficient drain does not do this by ensuring the water is stopped in its tracks and disperses it into the drain – not the surrounding area.

It is installed to provide a drain in front of non-stepped access to properties and is located in front of doors at the threshold. The drain design benefits from a wave-style grating, which disrupts the flow of water, maximises water-flow, ensures self-cleaning and minimises blockages. The silky-smooth dry weather channel design provides the ultimate self-cleansing through increased flow.
With a sleek quad box, it provides quick access, as well as to turn corners without cutting or buying extra expensive components if required.

The quad box is included in the kit as well as a bottom connector (for 100/110mm underground drainage) and two end caps. Other systems don’t come as a kit meaning the purchase of multiple items is required. The Dekdrain Threshold kit saves time and money whilst providing the assured quality from an EN1433 product. Heel Shield slots enable you to walk over the drain with any shoe type without fear of trapped heels, with easily removable clip in gratings.

DekDrain Threshold is packaged in an easy to purchase kit with one length channel and A15 Wave Grating, as well as an access box, end caps and an underground bottom clip in connector. Additional lengths can also be supplied to cater for longer bi-fold door and garage requirements which clip together without the need for connectors.

The full DEKS Range

Explore the growing DEKS range of drainage solutions, from the popular

• A15 linear with Plastic, Galvanised grating together with the new
• Threshold kit.
• B125 range including the new Edge slot drain channel B125) and the Eezee B125
• C250 Eezee channel drainage with Cast iron grating

The manufacturer promises that a DekDrain represents quality and convenience, with solutions that are easy to use and readily available through a network of resellers and merchants.

The product’s ovoid shape creates a dry weather channel which ensures water flows better. This acts as a self-cleansing agent, reducing maintenance, risk of blockages and cleaning. In addition, the access quad box gives you discreet access for washing out silt when necessary.

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