A closer look at Festool’s cordless sliding compound mitre saw

A closer look at Festool’s cordless sliding compound mitre saw

The range of cordless solutions from Festool continues to expand with the cordless sliding compound mitre saw.

As a manufacturer Festool will never aspire to offer a portfolio of 300 or more power tools to the trades but will instead deliberately focus its attention on finding solutions for specific target groups. It’s a selective approach which encourages precision engineering, innovation – and an acute understanding of what its customers need – and chief amongst these are carpenters and joiners. If you’re working outside on decking or facades, or indeed on any number of jobsites and locations, then mains electricity is not always readily to hand, a problem that can only be solved by long cable runs or cutting the timbers elsewhere. The real answer, of course, is cordless, but battery technology has often come short of satisfying the energy hungry appetites of high torque machines. At present, in fact, cordless only represents 12 per cent of the market in mitre saws – but Festool has ambitions to change all that.

The German power tool expert’s existing mains powered Kapex KS 60 sliding compound mitre saw is already admired for its robustness and precision. The challenge has been to translate those qualities into a cordless version without any compromise, and the result is the Kapex KSC 60 cordless sliding compound mitre saw – a machine with the stamina to operate all day, and with the same power as its corded sibling. It achieves that performance with a combination of the latest generation brushless EC-TEC motor, and a dual battery system, consisting of two of the manufacturer’s existing 18V units, delivering more torque but with the convenience of also being able to run the unit from just one battery if required.

As you would expect from Festool, the saw provides the same highly accurate range of cutting that end users will demand, with mitre angles of up to 60 degrees on both sides and the bevel angle of up to 46 degrees (on the right-hand side) or 47 degrees (on the left-hand side). Twin column guides with two bearings delivers a smooth slide of the saw blade, whilst an LED light marks the correct cutting line on the material every time. A handy bevel is included as standard, and conveniently housed on the tool, which means interior and exterior angles can be easily measured and transferred to the machine.

Festool prides itself on not just selling tools, but technologies that come together as a system, improving the productivity of the end user in the process. The Kapex KSC 60 is certainly a good example with some intelligent features and design details that the trades will applaud. Additional feet will allow the workbench on the KSC 60 to be raised to the exact height of the same company’s SYS 3 M 112 or SYS 1 Systainer, for example, which means it can then be used as a workbench to support long workpieces safely and securely.

These are all features which have been achieved within a compact, low weight unit, where flush-mounted guide rods, ergonomically positioned carry handles and a convenient transport safety device all enhance portability. The underframe of the KSC 60 is a stand and a transport frame in one, which can also be easily elevated to a height that’s comfortable for your back. In operation, the variable speed preselection, means the saw can be adapted to suit the material. Add to that a range of saw blades engineered specifically for wood materials, laminate or aluminium – colour coded for easy product selection in yellow, red and blue respectively – and the result is a very versatile package.

Technical data KSC 60

The tool is supplied with 5.2 Ah battery packs and a dual charger in the new Systainer³, where two batteries can be charged at a time.

Saw blades diameter                            216 mm
Spot lighting                                        Yes
Weight without battery                      16.6kg
Characteristics                                                Bevel, elevation feet

Next month we take a look at Festool’s advances in dust extraction.

For further information on the new Festool KSC 60 cordless sliding compound mitre saw visit https://www.festool.co.uk/products/sawing/sliding-compound-mitre-saws/561693—ks-60-e-set-gb-110v

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