British Gypsum On Approach to Design

British Gypsum On Approach to Design


British Gypsum is launching a new online portal to provide industry professionals and building users with evidence-based design (EBD) research and solutions. Evidence Space provides its audience with credible evidence to help influence the design of new build and refurbishment projects.

EBD, which is described as a way to develop better spaces based upon credible research, provides the industry with reliable research to aid the design process. The main benefits of EBD should be considered during design, but have an impact on all stages of the building process, from creating innovative evidence-based concepts to measuring post-occupancy performance results.

The website delves deeper into common issues in buildings in education, commercial, leisure and healthcare sectors. It features contributions from EBD academics, including Michael Phiri and Giuseppe Lacanna, which address the connection between physical spaces, and the performance, health and well-being of occupants. British Gypsum is also welcoming contributions based on EBD news and experience.

Discussing the new portal, Paul Campbell, Commercial Sector Manager at British Gypsum, explained: “Evidence-based design is a relatively new concept in the UK that all industry professionals and building users can benefit from, especially those involved in the design stage. Making the most of the growing body of evidence that’s available today, it verifies that the physical environment impacts the health, well-being and productivity of building users.

“We’ve launched Evidence Space to share these resources with the wider industry and stimulate the conversation around the concept of evidence-based design.”

There is a suite of resources available including articles, infographics and case studies, all of which are based on new and existing research. There is also the option to sign up to an e-newsletter programme to get updates on EBD news and related articles.

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