Your chance to WIN a Watco Concrex® floor repair bundle worth over £100!

Your chance to WIN a Watco Concrex® floor repair bundle worth over £100!

Watco’s ultimate floor repair mortar, Concrex® Carbon Fibre, is the strongest, longest lasting epoxy floor repair mortar on the market. Ideal for repairing eroded industrial flooring or damaged concrete, it even comes with a twenty-year guarantee against impact and abrasion failure. Its unique formulation is based on the best-selling Concrex® with the addition of carbon fibre, ceramic and an increase in resin content. Repairs with Concrex® are virtually indestructible, with its unrivalled wear resistance and adhesion. 

What’s more, Concrex® Carbon Fibre is fast-drying and ready for heavy traffic in just 4 hours, making it the quickest and safest repair product for your concrete floor. 

The Watco Concrex® Repair bundle includes an application kit which is made to be used with any product in the Concrex® range. The kit includes Concrex® Carbon Fibre 10kg, white spirit, a mix and apply trowel, wire brush and scraper, paint brush, cloths, gloves and even plastic bags for transporting. On top of this, included in the bundle is Watco Tack Coat, an epoxy resin adhesive primer for use before applying Concrex® Carbon Fibre.  

We’re giving FIVE tradespeople the chance to WIN a Watco Concrex® Repair bundle pack worth over £100! 

Fancy the chance to WIN? 

All you need to do is fill in your details at the following link before the 28th April:

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